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James Comer threatens contempt of Congress charges against FBI Director Christopher Wray

James Comer threatens contempt of Congress charges against FBI Director Christopher Wray

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Congress keeps unpeeling new layers to the Joe Biden bribery scandal.

The Deep State did its best to hide what’s really going on.

And one top Joe Biden ally may face criminal charges over this bribe cover-up.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) relayed his findings to reporters after viewing an FBI FD-1023 form outlining allegations Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from a foreign national in exchange for policy favors while he was vice president.

Comer told reporters the allegation from the confidential human source – who proved credible as the FBI paid them $200,000 over the course of several years – lined up with his committee’s findings about money flowing into the Biden family web of LLCs from Romania during Biden’s time in office.

“The claims made in the document are consistent with what we found and disclosed to you all in Romania. It suggests a pattern of bribery where payments would be made through shell accounts and multiple banks,” Comer stated.

Comer accused Biden of running an international money laundering operation in countries around the world.

“There’s a term for that, it’s called money laundering … So we feel that this accusation is consistent with a pattern that we’re seeing, frankly, in other countries,” Comer added.

Comer revealed that the Biden bribe investigation is ongoing; the document is not classified, but the FBI still refuses to comply with the Oversight Committee’s lawful subpoena to turn the document over to Congress.

“FBI officials confirmed that the unclassified FBI-generated record has not been disproven and is currently being used in an ongoing investigation,” Comer continued.

That led to Comer announcing that he would initiate contempt of Congress charges against FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“At the briefing, the FBI again refused to hand over the unclassified record to the custody of the House Oversight Committee and we will now initiate contempt of Congress hearings this Thursday,” Comer concluded.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is on board with the contempt of Congress resolution against Director Wray.

As Comer’s investigation continues to gather more evidence against Joe Biden, the Biden administration accelerated their witch hunts against Donald Trump.

Handpicked special counsel Jack Smith ramped up his plan to indict Donald Trump on the same charges the Obama administration let Hillary Clinton walk on as part of what many conservatives see as an effort to meddle in the 2024 election.


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