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Jack Smith faces steep hurdle with plans to jail Trump on politically motivated charges

Jack Smith faces steep hurdle with plans to jail Trump on politically motivated charges

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden tried to shake up the 2024 election with his weaponized Justice Department.

But a major stumbling block emerged.

And Joe Biden got hit with a brutal curve ball in his plan to jail Trump.

Jack Smith’s indictment against Donald Trump is part of the Democrat Party’s scheme to wage lawfare to prevent Donald Trump from winning a second term.

But Smith made a major miscalculation.

And Jack Smith got some bad news that wrecked his plan to jail Donald Trump.

The Constitution dictates the government must charge an individual in a jurisdiction where the alleged crimes were committed.

In the case of the Mar-a-Lago document dispute that means Florida.

Judge Aileen Cannon will oversee the case from her courthouse in Fort Pierce, Florida.

And that means Jack Smith will try the case in front of a jury pulled from a pool of majority Trump supporters.

The New York Times was very upset over the fact that Smith could not stack the deck in his favor with a Democrat judge and jury pool and whined about the trial being held in areas where Trump defeated Joe Biden in 2020.

“In Okeechobee County, a rural county where just over 16,000 people voted in the 2020 election, Mr. Trump won 71.5 percent of the vote, according to the county’s election tally. In Highlands County, a rural area where more than 52,000 people voted in that election, Mr. Trump won with 66.8 percent of the vote,” the Times exclusively reported.

The New York Times also reported, “In Martin County, where more than 98,000 people voted, Mr. Trump got 61.8 percent of the vote. In Indian River County, which contains Vero Beach and where more than 97,000 votes were cast, Mr. Trump got 60.2 percent of the vote.”

“Only St. Lucie County, where about 172,000 votes were cast, is a swing district.” The Times added, “Mr. Trump eked out a victory there over President Biden in 2020 with 50.4 percent of the ballots cast, the data shows, and also won the county narrowly in 2016.”

The New York Times had no such problems with Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg trying Trump in Manhattan where Joe Biden won over 70 percent of the vote and the judge in the case is a Joe Biden donor.

Nor is the Times upset with the fact that Smith plans to indict Trump in Washington, D.C. on fraudulent charges related to January 6th.

Joe Biden thrashed Trump 92 to 5 in D.C. and no one believes any Republican can get a fair trial in the belly of the resistance beast.

The Times and other pro-Democrat Party outlets don’t care about the rule of law, constitutional norms, or the American concept of the people picking their own leaders.

Democrats and their allies in the corporate press are consumed by a fanatical desire to stop Donald Trump.

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