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Feds push to delay Trump trial until right before the Iowa Caucus

Feds push to delay Trump trial until right before the Iowa Caucus

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Polls show that Donald Trump could very well defeat Joe Biden.

Democrats don’t want to leave anything to chance.

And now Joe Biden has one dirty trick up his sleeve to kick Trump off the 2024 ballot.

Jack Smith sought to delay the trial against Trump until December 11 to cripple Trump’s re-election bid, prevent him from campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire, and hopefully convict Trump right in the middle of the primary and disqualify Trump in the eyes of voters.

Judge Aileen Cannon initially set an August 11 trial date on Jack Smith’s politically motivated charges against Donald Trump in the Mar-a-Lago document dispute.

Everyone expected Trump’s lawyers would waive Trump’s right to a speedy trial and delay proceedings until after the 2024 election.

The reasons are obvious as the Justice Department is trying to interfere in the election by trying Trump in the heat of the campaign.

But Jack Smith launched a sneak attack and filed a motion seeking a new trial date of December 11.

Smith claimed he was doing Trump a favor as the August 11 date “would deny counsel for the defendant or the attorney for the Government the reasonable time necessary for effective preparation.”

In the filing Smith claimed the trial “does not present novel questions of fact or law.”

Smith laughably claimed the delay was an issue of fairness as Trump’s lawyers needed time to obtain security clearances to view classified evidence.

“However,” Smith added, “the case does involve classified information and will necessitate defense counsel obtaining the requisite security clearances.”

Smith argued that “the inclusion of additional time for defense counsel to review and digest the discovery, to make their own decisions about any production to the government, and for the government to review the same, is reasonable and appropriate.”

Smith wanting to delay the trial has nothing to do with ensuring a level playing field for Donald Trump.

Smith is a zealous prosecutor with a history of abusive and unconstitutional prosecutions of Republicans.

By an 8-0 vote the Supreme Court threw out his sham and partisan conviction against former Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnell.

Conservatives see delaying the trial to December as an attempt to deal the death blow to Trump’s 2024 campaign.

“Biden regime and the hack prosecutor want trial in December, to both distract Trump from his presidential campaign, to influence the election, and eliminate Trump as a political threat to Biden,” talk show host Mark Levin wrote on Twitter.

The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary traditionally take place somewhere between mid-January and early February.

Smith wanting to hold Trump’s trial in mid-December would mean the proceeding would easily run through mid-February.

That would prevent Trump from campaigning and potentially see the jury hand down a verdict right as voters head to the polls.

Attorney General Merrick Garland picked Jack Smith for a reason.

Garland and Biden weaponized the Justice Department to keep Donald Trump from winning the White House.

And critics contend that Garland knew Smith was the one prosecutor he could trust to carry out the political mission of the Democrat Party without having to be told.

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