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Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Found Out In The Worst Way Possible He Is Facing This Major Investigation

Joe Biden’s Presidency is off to a disastrous start. Now the other shoe just dropped.…

Gretchen Whitmer
One Joe Biden Ally May Be Looking At Prison Over These Dead Bodies

The Democrat Party is about to encounter a tsunami of scandal. It may sweep away…

Ron DeSantis
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Ron DeSantis Dropped the Hammer On Joe Biden With Just One Sentence

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ national profile is growing. Democrats and the media fear he could…

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Was Forced to Admit A Defeat That Left Democrats Jaws On the Ground

Joe Biden’s rocky start to his Presidency continues. This time Democrats were taken by surprise.…

Kamala Harris
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Kamala Harris Got Turned In For Breaking One Law By the Last Person She Suspected

Democrats are not happy about this development. They find themselves in court in a major…

Joe Biden
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A Bill Clinton Ally Let the Cat Out of the Bag On How Democrats Will Replace Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming more apparent by the day. Critics contend Biden’s diminished…

Clarence Thomas
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Clarence Thomas Dropped Some Bad News On Joe Biden That Democrats Will Hate

The Supreme Court is the one institution Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t have control…

Tucker Carlson
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Tucker Carlson Kept One Secret About Rush Limbaugh That No One Could Believe

When Rush Limbaugh passed away many on the right stepped forward with amazing tales of…

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Forced This Big Decision About Mike Pence’s Future

The status of the relationship between Donald Trump and Mike Pence is still up for…

Kamala Harris
Photo by Adam Schultz
Kamala Harris Took One Phone Call That Means Joe Biden’s Time In Office Is Almost Up

During the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden claimed he was just a transitional figure. But no…