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Joe Biden Is Facing One Criminal Investigation That Could Wreck Him

Joe Biden Is Facing One Criminal Investigation That Could Wreck Him

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden playing fast and loose is catching up with him.

The scandal is growing.

Joe Biden is facing one criminal investigation that could wreck him.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

After it was revealed that Joe Biden had kept classified materials in his garage, a full-blown scandal broke out.

First, it was revealed that the Justice Department kept the word of the scandal under wraps until after the midterm elections.

Then, it was revealed that Biden kept even more classified materials at his home.

And now, the American people are learning that the FBI had to search Biden’s old office at the University of Delaware in order to try to recover even more classified documents.

The Associated Press reports, “The FBI searched the University of Delaware in recent weeks for classified documents as part of its investigation into the potential mishandling of sensitive government records by President Joe Biden.

“The search, first reported by CNN, was confirmed to The Associated Press by a person familiar with the matter who was not authorized to discuss it publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. The person would not say whether anything was found.”

Even now, it seems like Joe Biden’s FBI is not coming clean about how many documents Joe Biden illegally has possession of, with more and more searches popping up days or weeks after the fact.

Now, Biden’s classified documents scandal has gone from bad to worse for Democrats as the story itself simply will not go away.

Each time the liberal media tries to push the story out of the headlines and distract the general public from the truth of the situation, a new report emerges that yet another location has been searched by the FBI to uncover even more documents.

And this constant drip of information exposing one more document scandal after another continues to damage Joe Biden’s political standing.

“A Justice Department special counsel is investigating how classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president and senator came to wind up in his home and former office — and whether any mishandling involved criminal intent or was unintentional. Biden’s personal lawyers disclosed in January that a small batch of documents with classified markings had been found weeks earlier in his former Washington office, and they have since allowed FBI searches of multiple properties,” adds the Associated Press.

The University of Delaware is now the fourth location that the FBI has been forced to search in the quest to uncover more classified documents in Biden’s possession.

The first was Biden’s own garage, which Hunter Biden repeatedly had access to.

The second was his former office in Washington, D.C.

And the third site was Biden’s home in Delaware.

“The FBI took six items that contained documents with classified markings during its January search of the Wilmington home, Biden’s personal lawyer has said. Agents did not find classified documents at the Rehoboth Beach property but did take some handwritten notes and other materials relating to Biden’s time as vice president for review,” concludes the Associated Press.

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