Tucker Carlson
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr
Tucker Carlson Is Facing Cancellation After This CNN Led Boycott

In today’s America, it is “journalists” leading the charge for censorship. Their latest target is…

Joe Biden
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Donald Trump Just Got Revenge on Joe Biden With This Major Supreme Court Victory

Democrats were red with rage. Republicans were grinning from ear to ear. And that’s because…

Ivanka Trump
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Ivanka Trump Dropped a Bombshell About Running Against This GOP Senator In 2022

Donald Trump is not the only member of the Trump family considering a political comeback.…

GPA PHOTO ARCHIVE, US Dept. of State / Creative Commons
Evidence of Dead People Voting In This State Has Donald Trump Seeing Red

The media claimed it never happens. Democrats deny this type of voter fraud ever happens.…

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity Ended Up In Court Over This Murder Case

Sean Hannity’s enemies on the left have been trying to silence him for years. Now…

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton Went Back Into Hiding After Americans Asked One Question About A Rumored Affair

Bill Clinton tried to launch a political comeback at the Democrat National Convention. It proved…

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson Left His Show Because of This Disturbing Scandal

Tucker Carlson’s monster ratings and support for Donald Trump make him public enemy number one…

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Just Put the Final Nail In The Coffin For This D.C. Swamp Ally

The Washington, D.C. swamp spent the last four years refusing to accept the fact that…

Bill Clinton
The FBI Arrested A Woman Who May Blow the Whistle On Bill Clinton’s Link to Epstein

When Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously died last July, the American people were resigned to the fact…

Fox News Host
Fox News Took This Off the Air After A Coronavirus Shocker

Fox News has a big coronavirus problem on its hands. The outbreak is turning the…