Democrat Plots

Joe Biden
One Poll Raised A Red Flag For Democrats About When Joe Biden Needs to Leave Office

Joe Biden is dealing with a full-on political crisis. His standing evaporated overnight. And one…

Jen Psaki
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Fox News Crushed Jen Psaki By Forcing Her to Confront This Reality Democrats Pretend Doesn’t Exist

Few media outlets report critically on the Biden administration or the Democrat Party. Fox News…

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Admitted He Broke the Law by Picking This Fight With Brett Kavanaugh

Joe Biden crossed a big line. Biden went rogue. Joe Biden admitted he broke the…

Ilhan Omar
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Tucker Carlson Just Produced This Piece of Devastating News About Ilhan Omar

Scandals and mysteries surrounded Ilhan Omar since Omar first ran for Congress. The story just…

Barack Obama
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Barack Obama Revealed the One Piece of Top-Secret Information He Cannot Discuss With Anyone

Barack Obama left office nearly five years ago. And Obama is still participating in high-level…

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Made the One Mistake That Could Lead to the Supreme Court Bringing About His Downfall

Joe Biden’s Presidency is hanging on by a thread. And now he may lose one…

Bill Clinton
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A Woman’s Claims About Flying With Bill Clinton Could Be the Smoking Gun In This Ugly Sex Scandal

Bill Clinton hoped these allegations were in the past. But now they are front and…

Nancy Pelosi
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Nancy Pelosi Needs to Come Up For Answer About This Shady Stock Purchase

This is one of the all-time swamp stories. And Nancy Pelosi is at the center.…

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris’s Admission About Voter Fraud Will Leave You Speechless

 Donald Trump contested the 2020 election. Democrats and the media called him a liar.…

Kamala Harris
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Kamala Harris Looked On In Disbelief At What Joe Biden Said About This Democrat Rival

It was assumed that Kamala Harris would replace Joe Biden for the 2024 election. But…