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Ron DeSantis announces plan to stop Joe Biden’s digital currency

Ron DeSantis announces plan to stop Joe Biden’s digital currency

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Joe Biden’s globalist agenda is frightening.

But one conservative is fighting back.

And Ron DeSantis destroyed this awful Joe Biden plan to eliminate the U.S. dollar.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Joe Biden has a scary plan to transform America.

It’s all part of the globalist agenda.

But now Ron DeSantis slammed the brakes on this Joe Biden scheme to eliminate the U.S. dollar.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came out in support of legislation making its way through the Florida legislature that will stop any plan by Joe Biden and the Federal Reserve to do away with the U.S. dollar and replace it with a digital currency.

DeSantis spokesman Bryan Griffin praised this decision as a game-changer to throw a monkey wrench into Joe Biden’s globalist agenda.

“It cannot be overstated how important this is. With this legislation, FL is vowing that it will NEVER recognize a centralized digital currency,” Griffin posted on social media.

The Federal Reserve is in the process of researching how to transition America into a cashless society by forcing Americans to use digital currency issued by the government.

Fed officials know they are under fire over this scheme to herd Americans into a monetary system that will allow the government to spy on every transaction made across the country.

And the Fed tried to diffuse the situation but still managed to leave open the possibility of unilaterally mandating Americans use a government-issued central bank digital currency.

“The Federal Reserve has made no decision on issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) & would not do so without clear support from Congress and executive branch, ideally in the form of a specific authorizing law. A CBDC would not replace cash or other payment options,” the Federal Reserve’s official Twitter account posted.

Ron DeSantis was having none of this tap dance routine.

DeSantis responded to the Fed noting that the Fed wrote that “ideally” Congress would pass legislation authorizing a central bank digital currency which left the backdoor wide open for the Fed to create a digital currency that would allow the government to turn off Americans’ access to the financial system at will.

“It is not merely ‘ideal’ that major changes in policy receive specific authorization from Congress; it is constitutionally required. Unaccountable institutions cannot impose a CBDC on Americans. They will tell us that CBDC won’t be abused but we are wise enough to know better. This wolf comes as a wolf,” DeSantis posted on social media.

DeSantis previously warned that governments around the world use their control over the financial system to punish political opponents.

“Any way they can get into society to exercise their agenda, they will do it […] How do we know? Because we’ve seen this happen in other parts of the world,” DeSantis declared.

The example DeSantis and others point to is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau freezing the bank accounts of truckers protesting Trudeau’s COVID vaccine mandate.

DeSantis and other conservatives sounded the alarm that a central bank digital currency would allow Biden to advance his Green New Deal agenda and punish Americans who use too much energy, utilize natural gas stoves, or drive gas-powered vehicles by shutting off their ability to participate in the economy by freezing their bank accounts.

The government’s power to surveil Americans’ transactions through a central bank digital currency could also give Biden the ability to close down the bank accounts of Americans the government claims spread hate speech and misinformation online.

Americans know that the Biden administration using the FBI to target parents who protest critical race theory and spy on the Catholic Church means the administration will define anyone who disagrees with the Democrat Party as a domestic extremist and thus put their bank account at risk.

The legislation in Florida will prevent this from happening in the Sunshine State.

And Ron DeSantis is urging other red-state governors to follow suit.

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