Democrat Plots

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Tucker Carlson Just Revealed How Kamala Harris Will Get Rid of Joe Biden
Democrats never loved Joe Biden. Now the party may finally have its off-ramp. Tucker Carlson…
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One DAMNIG Video Has Joe Biden Feeling Nervous
The American people were not supposed to see this. But they did. And one damning…
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Joe Biden’s New Kill Switch Is Bad News For All Americans
Joe Biden’s administration featured one attack after another on the Constitution. Americans are facing the…
Mike Pence
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Alexandria Ocasio Schemed to Hide This Ugly Truth From the American People
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to turn America into a socialist nation. Ocasio-Cortez has a plan for…
Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Has One Secret Multi-Million-Dollar Plan to Censor You

Democrats plan to control election outcomes is not just limited to social media. The left…

Joe Biden
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Every American Is In Danger Because of This SINISTER Joe Biden Plan

Polls show Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular presidents ever. But Biden is…

Hillary Clinton
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Hillary Clinton Crossed A Big Line With This SICK Lie

There is a very good reason the American people never elected Hillary Clinton President. Clinton…

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Joe Biden Is Planning This Insane Supreme Court Challenge

Democrats do not settle for defeat. The left plays for keeps. And Joe Biden is…

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Joe Biden Has One Sinister Court Case to Kick Trump Off the 2024 Ballot

Joe Biden wants to stop Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign by any means necessary. There is…

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Is About to Send Gas Prices Through the Roof Thanks to This Crazy Decision

Joe Biden declared war on American energy. It’s not good news for the American people.…