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Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Schools CNN’s Jake Tapper On Gun Control

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds Schools CNN’s Jake Tapper On Gun Control

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Republicans were fed up with CNN acting like a Democrat Party communications shop.

Someone finally did something about it.

A top Trump ally destroyed CNN with one jaw dropping truth bomb.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

One CNN host learned the hard way not to try and pass off lies as facts.

The host was left speechless at the conclusion of this confrontation.

And a top Trump ally annihilated CNN with a devastating truth bomb.

Congressman Byron Donalds appeared on liberal activist Jake Tapper’s fake news CNN show to set the record straight about red flag confiscation orders.

Tapper used to work as a campaign operative for Democrats and then transitioned to work for the gun grabbers at the Brady Campaign.

So the playing field was clearly tilted against Donalds.

Even still, Donalds schooled Tapper on why red flag confiscation orders violate the Constitution.

Donalds explained to Tapper that red flag confiscation orders run afoul of the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause as the government can obtain an order to seize property — in this case firearms — without due process or the individual in question being convicted of a crime.

The only way the gun owner can get their property back is if they go to court and essentially prove their innocence which violates the American norm of innocent until proven guilty.

“The issue with red flag laws is that the U.S. citizen who somebody thinks might have mental health issues, their property is taken from them and then they have to go to court to get their property back if it’s found out the mental health claims are actually invalid,” Donalds stated.

“Risk protection orders take away your property, and then you have to go to court to get your property back. That is a fundamental taking under the United States Constitution,” Donalds added.

Red flag confiscation orders also set up a dystopian system like in the popular Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report” where the government designs a system to arrest and jail citizens before they commit crimes.

Tapper then tried to claim Americans owning firearms violates the constitutional right to life.

Ironically Tapper will never quiz Democrat guests on how abortion on demand violates the life of the unborn.

But Donalds effortlessly parried this absurd attack noting that the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was found in the Declaration of Independence while also telling Tapper that as an elected official it was his duty to protect all constitutional rights and not just the ones liberal media activists found convenient.

“Well actually Jake, I think you’re conflating ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is in the Declaration of Independence, not the United States Constitution,” Donalds declared. “We all want to protect life at all times but that doesn’t mean you get to abridge rights of American citizens … If you want to go through the legal process and adjudicate mental health, I’m all for that. But you can’t take somebody’s property from them and then they have to petition the court to get their stuff back. That’s the wrong way to go.”

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