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FBI agents apologized to John Durham about the Russian collusion hoax investigation

FBI agents apologized to John Durham about the Russian collusion hoax investigation

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Ever since the 2016 election, the FBI has been out to get Donald Trump.

That’s when the witch hunts began.

And the FBI made one startling confession about Donald Trump that no one saw coming.

Special counsel John Durham finally testified in public about the findings from his report into the origins of the Russia collusion hoax.

Louisiana Republican Congressman Mike Johnson asked Durham why he described the results of his investigation as “sobering.”

Durham responded that it was because in the course of his probe FBI agents apologized to him for the Bureau’s abusive and fanatical conduct to get Trump.

“Let me give you some real-life views: I have had any number of FBI agents…who have come to me and apologized for the manner in which that investigation [Crossfire Hurricane] was undertaken. These are good, hard-working, decent people,” Durham responded.

Durham testified that the Steele dossier – which was a 100-percent hoax and Durham said not one substantive detail was ever testified – made up the “guts” of the allegations Trump colluded with Russia.

The FBI used the Steele dossier as the central piece of evidence – even knowing that it was unverified junk – to fool a FISA judge into approving a wiretap to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Durham also testified that James Comey and other top FBI officials pursued this hoax to the ends of the earth out of their bias against Donald Trump which led them to assume he was guilty without a shred of evidence to substantiate the charges.

Durham also revealed that the first agent to supervise the Russia collusion investigation was left dumbfounded when Durham informed him that James Comey and the FBI hid the fact that the entire allegation Trump colluded with the Russians was invented by the Hillary Clinton campaign with Clinton’s approval from him.

The agent became so emotional about the FBI hiding this key piece of evidence from him that he had to get up and leave the room.

“We interviewed the first supervisor…the operational person. We showed him the intelligence information. He indicated that he’d never seen it before. He immediately became emotional. Got up and left the room with his lawyer. Spent some time there before he came back,” Durham testified.

“He was ticked off, wasn’t he? He was ticked off because this was important information that he should have had working on the case…that the FBI Director kept from him while working on the investigation,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan testified.

“The information was kept from him,” Durham responded.

Durham’s testimony about FBI leadership deceiving agents and allowing personal, anti-Trump bias to run wild led many to wonder why Durham did not bring more criminal charges against the Russia collusion hoax ringleaders.

In his testimony Durham hinted that it was because he was unlikely to win convictions in the Deep State-friendly jury pools in Washington, D.C. where over 90 percent of residents voted against Donald Trump.

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