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Polls show Jack Smith’s indictment fails to dent Trump’s momentum

Polls show Jack Smith’s indictment fails to dent Trump’s momentum

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The weaponized Department of Justice tried to do Joe Biden’s dirty work for him.

But the plan backfired.

And Jack Smith’s case against Trump has now crashed and burned due to one surprise.

Democrats — as well as many establishment Republicans — hoped Smith’s highly partisan and highly suspect indictment against Donald Trump over a document dispute with a librarian at the National Archives would cause Trump’s support in the GOP primary to slowly bleed out.

Instead, the opposite happened.

Republicans in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire rallied around Trump.

In the wake of an indictment the corporate media and establishment RINOs — like Chris Christie, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott — tried to gaslight the public into thinking was a slam-dunk case of serious charges, Republican voters saw through the charade and Trump’s lead in the early states actually grew.

An American Greatness/National Research poll of New Hampshire Republicans found Trump expanding his advantage over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to 32 points, an 11-point swing in Trump’s favor since their last poll.

DeSantis’s support actually declined as many have questioned the lackluster campaign DeSantis ran since entering the race.

In Iowa, an internal Trump campaign poll showed Trump’s lead ballooning over DeSantis in both head-to-head and multi-candidate matchups.

Florida Politics reports:

The pollster cites the latest “head-to-head” polling that shows Trump ahead of DeSantis, 60% to 33%. The Trump +27 spread is 5 points bigger than a poll conducted by the same outfit at the end of April.

Trump’s lead is even bigger in the “larger field,” with the former President’s 51% dwarfing DeSantis’ 19%. U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, at 9%, is a competitive third place in this survey. Former Vice President Mike Pence’s 6% is good for fourth place.

Republican voters can tell the Biden administration is waging lawfare to try and accomplish in the courtroom what they fear Joe Biden can’t do at the ballot box, which is to defeat Donald Trump in November 2024.

Democrat prosecutors across the country are trying to cook up as many sham indictments as possible to render Trump toxic with the voters.

Biden can’t really run the election as a referendum on his record.

Polls show Americans think he is a failed president and focus groups show voters know Biden’s age is an issue that cannot be fixed.

Republicans see Smith’s history of partisan, abusive and unconstitutional prosecutions of Republicans like former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell as well as the Department of Justice and FBI’s document bias against conservatives and aren’t falling for the Smith indictment.

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