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Jeffrey Epstein donations to a Democrat governor revealed

Jeffrey Epstein donations to a Democrat governor revealed

Photo by Navin75 via CC BY-SA 2.0 on Flickr

Jeffrey Epstein’s connections to the rich and powerful are still coming under scrutiny.

Americans are learning some awful truths.

And one Democrat Governor hopes no one finds out about his damning link to Jeffrey Epstein.

A lawsuit between J.P. Morgan Chase bank and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) continues to uncover sickening new details of how easily Epstein bought his way into the Democrat power structure.

In a new court filing, J.P. Morgan Chase alleges Epstein made campaign donations to the USVI’s Democrat Governor Albert Bryan Jr. in exchange for favors.

The Daily Caller reports:

Bryan recommended schools for Epstein to give a $50,000 donation to, and in another, Bryan advised Epstein to give $30,000 to the VI little league, the filings allege. Epstein also apparently discussed giving Bryan’s inaugural committee a $25,000 gift, but it’s unknown whether the donation materialized.

J.P. Morgan Chase’s filing accuses the USVI government of pocketing Epstein’s donations and helping facilitate Epstein’s crimes, including sex trafficking underage girls.

“For two decades, and for long after JPMC exited Epstein as a client, the entity that most directly failed to protect public safety and most actively facilitated and benefited from Epstein’s continued criminal activity was the plaintiff in this case—the USVI government itself,” J.P. Morgan Chase’s filing reads.

The bank claimed the USVI provided Epstein special treatment on tax matters and assisted Epstein in navigating the country’s immigration laws so he could smuggle in underage girls onto the island for criminal purposes.

“The decades-long quid pro quo between Epstein and the USVI government took three forms. First, high-ranking USVI officials spent years courting and gladly accepting Epstein’s influence in the form of gifts, favors, and political donations. Second, in exchange, USVI granted Epstein preferential treatment in the form of more than $[redacted] million in tax incentives, among other benefits. Third, and most troublingly, USVI protected Epstein, fostering the perfect conditions for Epstein’s criminal conduct to continue undetected. Rather than stop him, they helped him,” J.P. Morgan Chase’s court filing adds.

Epstein also donated to Democrat USVI Delegate Stacey Plaskett and reportedly asked her to keep the donation “secret.”

Plaskett now disavows Epstein after taking his money.

“Jeffrey Epstein’s conduct was despicable,” Plaskett stated. “As I’ve stated in the past, contributions made by Jeffrey Epstein to my campaign were donated to women and children-focused non-profits in the Virgin Islands.”

But if Plaskett’s name sounds familiar, it is because she is the top Democrat on the Weaponization of the Government subcommittee.

Plaskett’s main job in Congress is now running interference for the Deep State and Biden administration regarding the investigation into Democrats turning the Department of Justice and the FBI into their own personal political police force.

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