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IRS whistleblower dropped a bombshell about the Hunter Biden investigation

IRS whistleblower dropped a bombshell about the Hunter Biden investigation

Hunter Biden is in deep trouble.

Joe Biden’s best efforts to protect him are failing.

And IRS whistleblower made this damning revelation about Hunter Biden.

Recently, an IRS whistleblower stepped forward with allegations that the Biden administration provided favorable treatment to Hunter Biden in the investigation into if Hunter Biden committed tax fraud or laundered money.

IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel reportedly removed the entire team from the investigation in retaliation.

Now the whistleblower’s lawyers, Tristan Leavitt and Mark Lytle, informed Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley — who is the co-chairman of the Whistleblower Protection Caucus — that there is now a second whistleblower.

The letter to Grassley revealed that IRS Commissioner Werfel illegally imposed a gag order on IRS agents involved in the Hunter Biden investigation which amounted to illegal retaliation.

Lytle and Leavitt wrote:

As detailed in the attached letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, our client’s supervisor is purporting to require that all case-related discussions require supervisory approval. This illegal gag order does not include the language required by both statute and appropriations law.

Furthermore, our client has become aware that the case agent on the case, which our client supervises, also sent a protected disclosure directly to IRS Commissioner Werfel this week. The IRS responded by raising the baseless and absurd prospect that his email to the Commissioner may have violated Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) restrictions on disclosing grand jury proceedings. It did not.

The email simply raised reasonable, good faith concerns to his chain of command, including Commissioner Werfel, about the removal of an entire investigative team from the case—which some of them have worked diligently for almost five years—before it has been resolved.

Hunter Biden’s been under investigation for four years at this point.

Evidence continues to pile up that leads many Americans to believe that Hunter Biden committed some crime.

But in this case the wheels of justice turn slowly.

By comparison, the Biden administration and its handpicked anti-Trump special counsel Jack Smith are pursuing the multiple witch hunts against Donald Trump at warp speed.

The difference in how the Department of Justice and the FBI treat the investigation into Hunter Biden and Donald Trump does not escape notice.

There are clearly two tiers of justice in America.

Democrats and Joe Biden clearly bent the justice system to their will where the left’s allies receive the full protection of the law.

But Donald Trump and his supporters receive full wrath of the law.

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