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William Barr Sent Shivers Down the Spine of This Barack Obama Ally

William Barr Sent Shivers Down the Spine of This Barack Obama Ally

Barack Obama
Barack Obama and his Deep State allies are on the run. Their crimes against Donald Trump and the American people are finally coming to light. And William Barr sent shivers down the spine of this Barack Obama ally.
As Conservative Revival reports:
Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz – who was appointed by former President Barack Obama – completed his investigation into possible political bias by the FBI in the Hillary Clinton email findings and there was one big takeaway from his findings. And that was that Horowitz recommended FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe for criminal prosecution after Horowitz found McCabe lied to investigators multiple times about press leaks during the Hillary Clinton email probe. But the case languished for months on end with no movement toward an indictment. William Barr replacing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General was the end of the free pass for the Deep State. And in recent days the Department of Justice granted prosecutors the authority to press forward with criminal charges against McCabe. This is a monumental decision by the Justice Department. All during the Mueller probe, the President watched as his associates were indicted and perp walked into federal court for even the most trivial of offenses. Special counsel Mueller and his team of 17 angry Democrats even charged former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn with lying to the FBI when the FBI agents that interviewed Flynn reported that Flynn believed he was being truthful in their interview and former FBI Director James Comey – who is a die-hard Trump hater – declined to recommend charges for Flynn. All the criminals, rogues and scoundrels that polluted the FBI, intelligence community and Department of Justice that concocted the Russian collusion hoax dodged any accountability because either their buddies – Mueller and his all-star team of Democrat prosecutors – or the temperamentally timid – former Attorney General Jeff Sessions – were calling the shots. Those days are over. And McCabe could just be the first domino to fall. Charging McCabe with lying to investigators could lead to more charges down the road. Prosecutors would do exactly what Mueller’s team did to Trump associates – threaten them with jail time unless they gave up their associates. The only difference in this case is that prosecutors are investigating a real crime and not a hoax like Russian collusion. McCabe and his co-conspirators committed real crimes as part of staging a coup to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. Mueller and Sessions ignoring the Obama Deep State’s treasonous crimes depressed many Trump supporters as it looked like America had a two-tiered justice system. Prosecutors would throw the book at Trump associates but scoff at the idea of charging their well connected buddies that supported Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Charging Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators is a chance for Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department to prove the government applies the law equally regardless of status, title or political connections. Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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