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What One Veteran’s Widow Said to Joe Biden Will Make Your Blood Boil

What One Veteran’s Widow Said to Joe Biden Will Make Your Blood Boil

Joe Biden
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Many Americans believe Joe Biden is at fault for the death, carnage, and chaos in Afghanistan.

Those who’ve lost loved ones in Afghanistan are not shy about speaking up.

And what one veteran’s widow said to Joe Biden will make your blood boil.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Ex-CIA officer Shannon Spann’s husband Michael, who served as a CIA agent, was the first American killed in the war in Afghanistan.

Spann reacted angrily to Joe Biden’s speech to the nation about the humiliating execution of the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.

In the speech, a confused Biden blamed Donald Trump and the Afghan army for the chaos on the ground as the Taliban set up checkpoints around the Kabul Airport stranding anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 American citizens behind enemy lines.

“I’m deeply disappointed in President Biden’s defiant stance in his address to the nation,” Spann told Fox News.

Spann rapped Biden for failing to live up to his campaign promise to unite the nation and rise above the partisan divisions.

“In times of conflict, excellent leaders keep people bigger than the problem. We utterly failed at keeping people bigger than the problem,” Spann said.

Spann ripped Biden for neglecting the perspective of Gold Star families that lost loved ones in the nearly 20-year-long war.

“We prioritized a narrow subset of a problem over all of those people,” Spann added.

Spann mocked the idea that the Taliban would moderate and allow Americans and America’s allies safe passage out of Afghanistan by pointing to the scenes at the Kabul Airport.

“You don’t have to look further than the airport in Kabul to see that local Afghans don’t believe [the Taliban’s] story of ‘We’re going to be peaceful, we’re not going to do reprisals, we’re going to invite participation from women,’” Spann added.

Videos showed armed Taliban fighters firing weapons in the air to disperse desperate mobs.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it, as Spann recounted.

Spann told Fox that all you needed to see was the video of Afghans tumbling to their deaths from hundreds of feet in the air after they fell off airplanes they clung to in a final bid to escape Afghanistan.

“People literally clinging to the landing gear of aircraft to try to get away from the story that they know is about to be written,” Spann concluded.

To make matters worse, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby admitted on Fox News that the administration had no idea how many Americans were in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration stranded as many as 40,000 Americans behind Taliban lines with no plan to evacuate them.

Spann’s message – that the Biden administration ignored the sacrifice of families who lost loved ones in the Afghanistan war with his incompetent withdrawal – cuts especially deep because Biden’s supposed “strength” is his empathy.

But as the Afghanistan disaster rolls on, Biden is being defined more by his incompetence and serious questions about his mental decline.

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