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Tucker Carlson Blew the Whistle On One Plot to Switch Votes to Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson Blew the Whistle On One Plot to Switch Votes to Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson

There is more than one way to rig an election.

It doesn’t always involve stuffing ballot boxes.

And Tucker Carlson blew the whistle on one plot to switch votes to Joe Biden.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Emails were reported by the New York Post in October from Hunter Biden’s alleged computer that showed Joe Biden met with his son’s foreign business partner while he was Vice President despite Biden’s denial in the past that he had ever been involved.

Instead of allowing these revelations to spread naturally through word of mouth online, both Twitter and Facebook decided that the American public shouldn’t see this information and did their best to censor it.

Big tech did everything within their power to keep Donald Trump from winning the election.

On the Monday broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson laid out big tech’s corruption.

“One of the first things that we should be honest about is one of the worst forms of election tampering took place far from polling sites. It wasn’t votes from dead people. Those are bad, but they weren’t the worst thing. The worst things are more obvious than that. The worst thing was Silicon Valley,” Carlson began.

Carlson explained that the big tech giants did their best to hide any news stories that could damage the Biden campaign.

“In August, Facebook banned the pro-Trump super PAC committee To Defend the President from buying any campaign advertising. What? What election has that happened in? None.” Carlson continued.

He then went on to note the measures that Facebook and Twitter took to block people from seeing the New York Post story.

“Just a few weeks ago, as you well know, The New York Post published true and accurate details of the Biden family’s lucrative and damaging overseas influence-peddling operation, which was real, which Joe Biden knew about.” Carlson said.

“Facebook, in turn, limited the distribution of this article, and Twitter blocked people from posting it. In other words, they censored it,” he added. “They kept people from knowing about it, and on what basis? Nothing in those articles was untrue, but they censored it anyway, along with any content that was critical of lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing. Why? Because Biden supported those.”

Carlson went on to explain that Google used their search algorithmto suppress news sites that lean conservative like Breitbart and quoted a headline from them that stated “Clicks and impressions to Breitbart News from ‘Joe Biden’ Google searches displayed a healthy pattern of activity in the middle of 2020 when they suddenly flatlined … the plunge first occurred after a major update to Google’s search algorithm in May 2020.”

It’s dangerous that these powerful institutions are actively trying to keep Americans from receiving information that they don’t like.

“If we are going to have real and fair elections going forward, then we have to end Silicon Valley’s total control of information. It’s the first thing we must do. We can’t have free and fair elections without that. If voters aren’t allowed to learn critical facts about political candidates before they vote, you can’t have a democracy.” Carlson closed by saying.

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