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Tucker Carlson Went On the Air and Told a Secret About Trump You Won’t Believe

Tucker Carlson Went On the Air and Told a Secret About Trump You Won’t Believe

Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is one of the most high profile Trump supporters in all of the media.

Trump watches his show and the two talk regularly.

And now Tucker Carlson went on the air and told a secret about Trump you won’t believe.

In a wide-ranging interview with Breitbart’s Sirius XM radio show, Carlson addressed host Alex Marlow’s question about what it meant that 43 percent of House Republicans retired or were defeated since Donald Trump took office.

Carlson responded that this was a good and necessary change that wasn’t happening fast enough.

By Carlson’s way of thinking, the Republicans that left Congress were never on board with Donald Trump’s agenda.

“Yeah, probably not fast enough but that’s a really interesting question and you’re one of the few people who seems to have noticed that,” Carlson told Marlow. “There’s lots of reasons for it, but one of the reasons for it is the Republican Party was not expecting Trump and they’re not with Trump on the issues. But people are retiring because they’re not with the Trump program on the issues, wouldn’t you say?”

Carlson also explained that Americans realized that establishment RINO Republicans that teamed with Democrats to open the borders, negotiate trade deals that shipped jobs overseas and launch endless Middle East wars failed the country and in fact hated the very idea of America.

Trump recognized that current discontent in the population and actually campaigned on addressing the issues voters were crying out for their leaders to take seriously.

“Trump showed up in his instinctive way, he could smell all of this—he couldn’t always articulate it, but he could feel it,” Carlson continued. “And he shows up and he’s basically like ‘the people in charge are doing a completely crappy job and they don’t care about you and they’re not meeting your basic needs.’ The expressions of that were immigration and trade and a couple of other things, but really that’s what it was about.”

“The people in charge didn’t care about the country and the country was rotting. I think the realignment is really a response to that. It’s not just about Trump and they think he’s obnoxious or whatever—okay, it’s way deeper than that. They’ve been caught. They’ve been exposed as fraudulent. They haven’t done anything for the country. Like, how have you improved America? They haven’t, actually. And they’ve presided over its decline,” Carlson concluded.

Fake news “reporters” have written countless pieces about how Donald Trump is “taking over” the GOP or “remaking” the Republican Party in his own image.

That is not really true.

Republican voters elected Donald Trump because they were fed up with Bush/McCain/Romney-style RINOs that sold out the country for cheap foreign labor and higher profits for the donor class.

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