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Tucker Carlson Just Produced This Piece of Devastating News About Ilhan Omar

Tucker Carlson Just Produced This Piece of Devastating News About Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar
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Scandals and mysteries surrounded Ilhan Omar since Omar first ran for Congress.

The story just took a strange turn for the worse.

Tucker Carlson just produced this piece of devastating news about Ilhan Omar.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Tucker Carlson hosted New York Post columnist Miranda Devine on his Fox News program.

Devine wrote a column where she laid out the story of how conservative donors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a globe-spanning operation on three continents to obtain the DNA evidence they claim proved that Ilhan Omar married her brother Ahmed Elmi in order to win him a visa to the United States.

That would violate U.S. immigration law and could get Omar – who came to the United States as a refugee – deported.

Devine wrote that as soon as a GOP strategist named Anton Lazarro posted the smoking gun evidence online, the FBI arrested him for sex trafficking.

Devine wrote:

Only hours after Minnesota GOP operative Anton Lazarro posted online DNA evidence that allegedly shows Rep. Ilhan Omar was once married to her brother, the FBI busted him. 

The test results stated there is a 99.999998 percent chance that Omar and her second husband, Ahmed Elmi, now her ex-husband, are siblings, according to an analysis by British company Endeavor DNA Laboratories. But before Lazarro could share the results with the media, he was arrested Thursday on underage sex-trafficking charges and jailed pending a court hearing Monday. 

An associate of Lazarro tried to turn the evidence over to the FBI, but the FBI refused to look into the matter stating the statute of limitations on Omar marrying her brother in violation of immigration law ran out.

“Special Agent Joy Hess, from the FBI’s Twin Cities field office, which investigated allegations that Omar married her brother Elmi to get around US immigration laws, says the ‘statute of limitations’ had run out on the case. In a recorded conversation with an associate of Lazarro, posted on his website Wednesday, Hess also said the FBI could not pursue the case because Omar’s ex-husband Elmi had moved overseas,” Devine wrote.

Omar originally married Ahmed Hirsi in 2002 and they later had a child together.

The two split up in 2008 claiming an Islamic divorce, but there was no official documentation for the breakup of their marriage.

In 2009 Omar married Elmi – which could mean Omar married two men at the same time which may also open the door to tax fraud charges if she filed two joint returns – who many suspect is her brother.

Ilhan Omar denied all these allegations.

The corporate media claimed there was no proof to back up these allegations.

Devine’s reporting suggests otherwise.

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