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There Is One Truth About January 6 That Liz Cheney Is Terrified That You Will See

There Is One Truth About January 6 That Liz Cheney Is Terrified That You Will See

Liz Cheney
Hudson Institute, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The January 6 Committee finished its work.

And in typical fashion, this panel only released selective information to smear Donald Trump.

But there is one truth about January 6 that Liz Cheney is terrified that you will see.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Cheney and her fellow anti-Trump fanatics on the January 6 Committee released their final report late at night on December 22.

As part of the committee wrapping up its work Cheney and her fellow committee members began releasing witness transcripts.

50 more witness transcripts accompanied the final report.

Texas Congressman Troy Nehls also noted that in the committee’s 845 page report the document did not mention Ray Epps’ name once despite the fact that Epps is the one person documented encouraging Trump supporters to go to the Capitol.

“I’ve examined the 845-page January 6 report. Trump: mentioned 4,207 times. Ray Epps: mentioned 0 times. It was never about the truth,” Nehls posted on Twitter.

Conspiracy theories and election denying Democrat Bennie Thompson chaired the January 6 Committee.

Thompson made a vague promise to release Epps’ transcript at some point without committee to an exact date.

“We will” Thompson said in response to a question from the Washington Examiner about releasing the Ray Epps interview transcript. “But you know, there’s a review process that goes with every deposition.”

“He has to have an opportunity to review it, say, ‘This is what I said,’” Thompson added. “At some point, it will be made available. I just can’t tell you when.”

Epps became a source of great controversy when a video showed Epps on January 5 and January 6 urging Trump supporters to march on the Capitol.

Epps was the only known person to encourage Trump supporters to enter the Capitol and not be charged with a crime.

Epps is only the only known January 6 participant whom RINO Congressman and Nancy Pelosi loyalist Adam Kinzinger will defend.

Kinzinger said Epps was not charged with a crime because Epps “didn’t enter the Capitol on Jan. 6 and was removed from the most wanted list because, apparently, he broke no laws.”

FBI officials would not answer questions about if Epps was a fed.

The committee could easily put the speculation about Ray Epps to bed.

But it continues to hide his transcript leading to more speculation from critics that what really happened with Ray Epps on January 6 is something the committee is afraid to share.

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