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All Hell Broke Loose When Trump’s Lawyer Sent CNN This Bombshell Letter

All Hell Broke Loose When Trump’s Lawyer Sent CNN This Bombshell Letter

Donald Trump

Fake news CNN spent the last three and a half years trying to bring down Donald Trump.

Now fake news CNN is being forced to face the music.

And hell broke loose when Trump’s lawyer sent CNN this bombshell letter.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Fake news CNN’s “chief media correspondent” Brian Stelter is everything wrong with journalism.

Stelter pretends to be a journalist and media critic when in reality his media criticism consists of yelling about Fox News and parroting Democrat Party talking points and anti-Trump conspiracy theories.

On Sundays, Stelter hosts the wildly misnamed “Reliable Sources” program where Stelter and liberal so-called “journalists” agree with each other about how Orange Man is very bad and that the media should be more openly partisan and favor Democrats with their coverage.

Stelter switched up the format last Sunday inviting on Trump campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis.

During the interview, Stelter expressed great outrage at a tweet from Donald Trump urging his Twitter followers to drop Comcast cable – which owns fake news NBC and MSNBC – because of lousy customer service.

“Concast is known for its terrible service. On top of that they provide FAKE NEWS on MSDNC & @NBCNews. Drop them and go to a good provider!” the President wrote.

Ellis defended the President by pointing out that he was a citizen with First Amendment rights just like everyone else.

That’s when Stelter snapped.

In a patronizing and sexist rant, Stelter belittled Ellis and called her embarrassing.

“You understand that, like, some day you’re going to regret this, right? Some day you’re going to regret this, when your kids and your grandkids look back at this time, and you use slurs and smear us as fake news to hurt news outlets,” Stelter stated. “I think in 10 or 20 years if we sit down and talk about this, you’ll recognize how damaging it was to use terms like fake news, to attack journalists who are trying to do their jobs.”

Ellis was having none of Stelter talking down to her.

The Trump campaign legal advisor fired back that Stelter was a fraud for claiming to be a journalist when in reality he was a Democrat Party activist.

“In 15 or 20 years — you’re not trying to do your job,” Ellis answered. “You’re not a journalist. You’re an activist. That’s the problem. You have an agenda, anti-Trump. The American people see through this. This president is finally holding the fake news media accountable because you’re activists. You’re not reporting facts and truth.”

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The Trump campaign also fired off a statement blasting Stelter for his sexist attack on Ellis.

“This kind of on-air meltdown and lashing out is completely unprofessional, yet it’s what we’ve come to expect from the leftists who hate President Trump. It would be great if so-called journalists would refrain from personal attacks and putting words in the mouths of the children and grandchildren of strong, smart, and independent women.”

Stelter has long been considered one of the biggest – if not the biggest – embarrassments in the fake news media.

Many conservatives found it refreshing for a Trump aide to call him out to his face for his false claim of being a journalist.

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