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Trump Asked Rush Limbaugh To Do One Thing. You Won’t Believe What It Was

Trump Asked Rush Limbaugh To Do One Thing. You Won’t Believe What It Was

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh has long been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

But now Rush his facing the biggest test of his life.

And Trump asked Rush Limbaugh to do one thing. You won’t believe what it was.

Donald Trump invited Limbaugh to be one of his guests at the State of the Union speech which took place just one day after Limbaugh announced his stage four cancer diagnosis.

At one point during the speech the President acknowledged Limbaugh’s fight with cancer.

“Almost every American family knows the pain when a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness. Here tonight is a special man, someone beloved by millions of Americans who just received a Stage 4 advanced cancer diagnosis. This is not good news, but what is good news is that he is the greatest fighter and winner that you will ever meet,” President Trump declared.

The next moment proved to be one of the biggest surprises of the night.

President Trump proceeded to announce he was awarding Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest civilian honor a President can bestow.

“Rush, in recognition of all that you have done for our nation, the millions of people a day that you speak to and you inspire and all of the incredible work that you have done for charity, I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country’s highest civilian honor: The Presidential Medal of Freedom,” President Trump announced.

To the delightful surprise of many in attendance and watching at home, First Lady Melania Trump presented Limbaugh with the award on the spot.

Limbaugh was clearly taken by surprise and overcome with emotion.

But fake news reporters seized on this opportunity to take cheap shots at the President and Limbaugh.

Amazon Washington Post “reporter” Carol Leonnig – who just put out an anti-Trump book light on truth but heavy on gossip and innuendo – slammed Limbaugh for pretending to be surprised when the President awarded him the Medal of Freedom.

“Rush Limbaugh at first seemed to act surprised by award, which was widely reported hours ago and is the reason he is in VIP guest box,” Leonnig tweeted.

Leonnig had no evidence to back up her claim that Limbaugh was in on the award and that this made-for-TV moment was a carefully choreographed stunt.

But it was an opportunity to take a cheap shot at two people the fake news media despises – the President and Rush Limbaugh – and Leonnig could not pass up the opportunity to insult a man fighting for his life against a deadly disease.

But while Democrats and “reporters” like Leonnig seethed, Americans who still had the capacity to express kindness and sympathy to their fellow Americans loved the heartwarming presentation.

The President made his use of his guests at the State of the Union to visually tell the story of the theme of “American Comeback.”

And the vast majority of Americans are hoping Limbaugh makes his own comeback from his cancer diagnosis.

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