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Trump Just Got Smacked With This Bad News About China’s Role in the Coronavirus

Trump Just Got Smacked With This Bad News About China’s Role in the Coronavirus


The spread of the Chinese coronavirus is becoming the biggest test of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

How the President manages the outbreak could decide his fate in 2020.

And now Donald Trump just got smacked with this bad news about China’s role in the coronavirus.

As Conservative Revival reports:

Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the recent deadly outbreak, is home to two laboratories that have been linked to China’s bio-weapon program.

The source of the new coronavirus has not yet been confirmed.

It is possible for viruses to migrate to humans from animals and it is also possible for scientists to splice together viruses that are far more deadly than they are normally found in nature.

This new coronavirus has a 14-day incubation period where the person is contagious to others, which makes it almost impossible to stop. China shut down entire cities to try to stop its progress and even that was only a limited success.

Japan has closed down most of the schools in the country for the next month, creating a significant burden for working parents.

The Democrats blame Trump for not having the power to fix this problem but there isn’t an easy socialist program that’s able to stop the coronavirus.

Most of the solutions to stop a widespread outbreak in America would have a significant impact on the economy, like closing American borders, closing schools and banning public gatherings.

The Democrats need to stop blaming Trump for not having the power to make the coronavirus magically go away.

The CDC already published literature that states that in an epidemic there won’t be a vaccine to help the population through the first wave and no amount of funding.

The Chinese government is anxious to avoid blame for the deadly illness that started in China and is more than happy to blame Trump for the outbreak as well.

According to Breitbart News:

China expert and author Gordon Chang said China is becoming more belligerent to the U.S. — not less — and is trying to lay the groundwork in China to blame the coronavirus on the United States.

China recently had a famous health expert — a “hero” of fighting the SARS epidemic — raise doubts in China Daily, a Chinese state-run media outlet, that the coronavirus originated in China.

The Chinese Communist government is “laying the theoretical foundation that the U.S. spread disease in their country,” Chang said.

Chang also laid out remarks and actions that Chinese leaders have made or the Chinese military has done that show hostility to the U.S., such as that China had the right to use force to settle trade disputes, directing blinding lasers at U.S. pilots in Djibouti, and conducting sonic attacks against American diplomats.

Democrats who believe that America must be at the root of every problem are helping Chinese Communists spread their lies.

Trump is helping America in leading the way in finding solutions like a vaccine to stop this virus, and while China will continue to attack America, Democrats need to stop attacking America and put the silly partisan politics aside for the moment.

America has enough problems at the moment without Democrats creating fictional ones to add.

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