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Trey Gowyd Just Ruined Nancy Pelosi’s Life With One Rude Awakening

Trey Gowyd Just Ruined Nancy Pelosi’s Life With One Rude Awakening

Trey Gowdy

Nancy Pelosi thought she was about to hit Donald Trump with a one-two punch combination that would destroy his presidency.

Speaker Pelosi thought wrong.

That was made clear when Trey Gowdy ruined Nancy Pelosi’s life with one rude awakening.

Trey Gowdy appeared on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News program “The Story” to discuss two recent events that took place in Congress.

Gowdy tied together Democrats in the House voting to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in criminal contempt for upholding the law and not turning over documents regarding the administration’s decision to put a citizenship question on the census, with the Democrats voting on a resolution falsely claiming Donald Trump’s tweets about “The Squad” were racist.

“Barr is ostensibly being held in contempt for not turning over documents he has no legal obligation to turn over. In fact, it would be against the law to do so,” Gowdy began.

“Nobody cares what Congress does. What we saw yesterday — they can’t even enforce their own House rules against their own members. So, there used to be a stigma attached to being held in contempt of Congress. There ain’t no more,” Gowdy said. “So, I would tell Bill Barr, ‘Your reputation as an incredible lawyer is intact. Don’t give it another thought.'”

Gowdy alluded to Nancy Pelosi being thrown off the House floor after the House Parliamentarian ruled that Nancy Pelosi violated House customs dating back to Thomas Jefferson by calling President Trump a racist.

Democrats then proved Gowdy’s point by overriding the Parliamentarian and voting to put Nancy Pelosi’s smear back into the Congressional Record and allowing her back on the House floor to speak.

Ross did botch the citizenship question.

That should have been an easy victory for the President.

But Ross went about adding the question in such a clumsy process that Ross opened the door for chief justice Roberts to stab the President in the back.

Gowdy explained that he had no problem with Ross answering the question, but that Democrats forfeited all their credibility by cheering Obama’s “I have a pen and a phone” executive power grabs.

“With respect to Wilbur Ross on the census, I think the administration mishandled it and they do have some explaining to do,” Gowdy added. “It’d be nice to explain it in front of a fair jury that has not already made up its mind. But when 60 Democrats vote to impeach you before [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller has issued a single consonant or vowel in his report, that ain’t a fair jury.”

“Congress has worked itself into obscurity [and] irrelevance. When you can go on the floor of the House as the presidents say ‘I’m going to do it with or without you,’ and Congress stands up and cheers, you have rendered that branch of government feckless and irrelevant,” Gowdy concluded. “Congratulations. The House doesn’t matter anymore. White House and Senate [matter], House doesn’t matter.”

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