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Trey Gowdy Dropped A Supreme Court Bombshell That Had Trump’s Head Spinning

Trey Gowdy Dropped A Supreme Court Bombshell That Had Trump’s Head Spinning

Trey Gowdy

Donald Trump has a potential problem at the Supreme Court.

And the President didn’t even know it may exist.

But he does now after Trey Gowdy dropped a Supreme Court bombshell that had Trump’s head spinning.

In a op-ed, former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy explained what was really going on with impeachment.

By Gowdy’s analysis, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew there were never the votes to convict Donald Trump from office.

The real purpose of impeachment – Gowdy explained – was to cripple the re-election prospects of Republican Senators in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine and North Carolina.

And according to Gowdy this is all being done with the next Supreme Court nomination fight in mind.

Gowdy wrote:

The impeachment inquiry, investigation, votes, and ultimate refusal to transmit articles are not about removing Trump from office. Rather, it is a tacit acknowledgment he will be re-elected in November of 2020. The plan now is to use impeachment to neuter that second term with a Democrat-controlled Senate.

This impeachment exercise is most assuredly about removing someone from office. It’s just not about removing Trump from office. It’s about removing Cory Gardner, Martha McSally, Thom Tillis, Susan Collins and Joni Ernst from their senate offices.

A Democratic Senate would make the assemblage of a Cabinet next to impossible, end the filling of judicial vacancies, paralyze the country should there be a U.S. Supreme Court opening and ensure that both the House and Senate spend their time investigating the executive branch.

Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer gambled that withholding the articles of impeachment would create public pressure on Republicans to cave in to Democrats’ demands for witnesses.

Schumer plans to use the Senate trial to hold votes on witnesses and if Republicans vote with the President, Democrats will use their votes against them on the campaign trail.

If Democrats win control of the Senate they will block all Supreme Court nominations and hold any vacancies open past the 2024 election in hopes that a Democrat will succeed Trump.

This premise is flawed on several fronts.

First, polling has shown that impeaching and removing the President is not popular.

Republicans know that impeaching and removing the President is even less popular in swing states.

Second, President Trump will assert executive privilege on any current or former aides such as John Bolton or Mick Mulvaney testifying.

That will land the matter right back in front of the courts which could take weeks or months to rule.

Most Americans would like to see impeachment over and done away with.

If Democrats drag out a politically motivated impeachment trial for weeks and months just to hurt Republican Senators running for re-election, the American people will see through these partisan games and instead punish the Democrats.

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