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Trey Gowdy Sent Nancy Pelosi Running for cover With This Truth Bomb

Trey Gowdy Sent Nancy Pelosi Running for cover With This Truth Bomb

Trey Gowdy

Nancy Pelosi thought she had everything set up perfectly to impeach President Trump.

But then everything fell apart.

And Trey Gowdy sent Nancy Pelosi running for cover with this truth bomb.

Democrats postponed Robert Mueller’s July 17 testimony for another week to negotiate for more time for Congressmen to question Mueller.

Democrats are worried that the initial agreement only allowed for two hours of questioning which limited the number of Democrats that could grill Mueller as well as the subject matter the testimony could cover.

This testimony is a last ditch effort to shock impeachment back to life by creating a made-for-TV spectacle that no American can ignore.

But Trey Gowdy poured an entire bucket of cold water on the idea that Mueller’s testimony would jolt impeachment talks back to life during an appearance on Fox News with Martha MacCallum.

Gowdy ridiculed the notion Mueller was saving some super secret bombshell for his Congressional testimony that will alter the trajectory of the Democrats’ impeachment scheme.

“They’re bringing him, they want to keep the story alive. He’s not going to participate in that. He’s not going to answer anything outside the four corners of his report,” Gowdy explained.

The former South Carolina Congressman then previewed Mueller’s testimony by drawing on his own experience questioning the controversial former FBI Director.

“So this is just to have a day-long series. The focus will be on the questions. Mueller is not going to give you any interesting answers, I have quizzed him before,” Gowdy began.

“Mueller is a Marine, former FBI director. He’s not… He is going to answer the question maybe and nothing more,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy concluded by taking a shot at the Democrats who thought their line of questioning would draw out Mueller and guide him to reveal new and damaging information about the President and his possible criminal conduct.

“You will learn nothing next Wednesday except a lot of my former colleagues think they’re great questioners and think that they should have their five minutes.”

In a subsequent interview with Sean Hannity, Gowdy explained where he thought the direction the Democrats would head in with their questions.

Gowdy believes Democrats think they can push Mueller to answer that if not for the Department of Justice guidelines that say a sitting President can’t be indicted, would Mueller have charged the President with obstruction of justice?

“I think what the Democrats are going to focus on is, had that [Justice Department] policy not been in place [against indicting a sitting president], would you have indicted private citizen Donald Trump? That’s the only thing that can come out of this for the Democrats that would be significant,” Gowdy stated.

Attorney General William Barr previously testified that Mueller told him those guidelines were not preventing him from claiming the President obstructed justice.

But now everyone will wait and see how Mueller answers the question.

Great American Daily will continue to cover any new developments in this ongoing story.

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