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Trey Gowdy Made A Surprising Admission About Impeaching Joe Biden

Trey Gowdy Made A Surprising Admission About Impeaching Joe Biden

Trey Gowdy

Joe Biden’s presidency is awash in scandal.

It’s leading to talks of removing Biden from office.

And Trey Gowdy made a surprising admission about impeaching Joe Biden.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Appearing on Fox News Primetime, Trey Gowdy explained to host Jesse Watters that Republicans were well within their rights to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

“Legally, Jesse, yes it’s malfeasance. Is that incompetence in office? Is that something you can be impeached for, yes.” Gowdy stated.

Biden pushed back the withdrawal date to September 11 to stage a photo op and then did not properly plan for the Taliban to take over by evacuating the military before civilians.

That blunder led to a chaotic situation at the Kabul Airport where Joe Biden’s “plan” depended on the Taliban to provide perimeter security for U.S. troops hemmed in at the facility.

Counting on the Taliban ended in predictable tragedy, carnage and death.

However, Gowdy contended Republicans can’t realistically impeach and convict Joe Biden with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer running the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“The reason Republicans find themselves where they sometimes find themselves is because they set expectations so unrealistically high.  There is a zero chance that Joe Biden is going to be impeached between now and the midterms. And there is a zero chance – unless something miraculous happens – that there will be 67 votes to convict him in the new senate,” Gowdy added.

Instead, Gowdy argued that Republicans’ first order of business was flipping control of Congress.

Gowdy added that with the country spiraling towards disaster in the face of all of Joe Biden’s self-inflicted crises, if the GOP can’t take back the House and the Senate it would be a failure of massive proportions.

“So why don’t Republicans focus on what we should focus on…If you can’t win the 2022 midterms with Afghanistan, the border and surging crime then you don’t deserve to be a political party,” Gowdy continued.

The former South Carolina Congressman tore into Biden for his long-standing ineptitude.

Gowdy recounted how former Barack Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates once ripped Biden for being wrong on every major foreign policy question of the last 40 years.

“It makes me wonder how he [Joe Biden] got elected in the first place. It’s not like Robert Gates didn’t warn us.  He’s always wrong and got elected anyway,” Gowdy stated.

Joe Biden opposed Ronald Reagan’s successful strategy that won the Cold War.

Biden supported NAFTA and voted for the disastrous Iraq War.

Joe Biden also opposed the raid where a Navy SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden.

But Gowdy cautioned that while Republicans retaking the majority in the House and Senate was possible, impeaching and convicting Joe Biden held one definite downside – and that is President Kamala Harris who would then be free to select any leftwing radical to serve as her Vice President.

 “So what is possible? Winning in the fall of 2022 is possible. Flipping the Senate is possible. And nominating someone who can win in 2024 – and anyone who thinks Kamala Harris would not be worse than Joe Biden has not listened to Kamala Harris. And then Harris is going to pick a Vice President. Who do you want? Cori Bush? Do you a member of the Squad? Do you want Elizabeth Warren? Or God forbid do you want Nancy Pelosi to ascend from third in line to second in line?” Gowdy concluded.

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