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A Top General Made A Disturbing Confession About Biden Wanting Putin to Win Ukraine

A Top General Made A Disturbing Confession About Biden Wanting Putin to Win Ukraine

Joe Biden
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This is not what any American ever expected to hear.

But it looks like the truth.

This top general made a disturbing confession about Biden wanting Putin to win Ukraine.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Retired four-star General Jack Keane told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that the United States’ role in aiding Ukraine was not necessarily to help Ukraine win the war and defeat Russia.

“You know, it’s a great question,” Keane told MacCallum. “I think, fundamentally, the United States’ underlying strategy in dealing with the war before it began and after it began is not to provoke Putin. It’s an unstated strategy, but it is operating every single day.”

From day one, Keane explained, the Biden administration did not want to provoke Putin into escalating the war.

“All of those are not to provoke Putin,” Keane stated. “And the reason is fear of adverse consequence. And then since the war began, no one expected the Russians to perform so poorly and the Ukrainians to actually beat them in ground combat, and they have.”

Keane continued on telling Fox viewers that the Biden administration does not want Russia to lose the war out of fear of what a cornered Putin may do.

“I don’t like saying this,” Keane added. “But the facts are we don’t want Putin to lose. We don’t want Putin to lose because we’re afraid that if he loses, there’ll be a provocative reaction on his part. So it explains why we’re not all-in on helping Zelensky win, who is begging for all of that help.”

Keane alluded to the fact that if Putin thought he was losing the war Putin could unleash nuclear weapons as a means of forcing the West to back off and Ukraine to surrender.

“There’s palpable fear in this administration that if Putin loses, he’ll do something horrible,” Keane added.

Russian military doctrine calls for escalating to de-escalate.

In this case, the Biden administration fears that arming Ukraine to the teeth and pushing for victory would cause Putin to deploy some of the thousands of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine to push the cost of the war so high that the West abandons Ukraine and the Zelensky government negotiates for surrender fearing total annihilation by Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons.

American officials believe the possibility of Putin using nuclear weapons in Ukraine is very real.

Putin warned that any nation which intervened in the war would face consequences never before seen in history.

Days into the invasion Putin ordered his nuclear arsenal – the largest in the world – into special combat readiness.

Inviting war with Russia is inviting a nuclear conflict.

And that is an outcome that must be avoided.

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