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Never Trump Traitor Gave Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez This Major Boost

Never Trump Traitor Gave Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez This Major Boost

Donald Trump’s enemies within the Republican Party have not stooped scheming to defeat him in 2020.

Now they are turning to an unlikely source.

And one major Never Trump traitor just gave Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this major boost.

President Trump has ruffled more than his fair share of feathers since storming into the political arena in 2015.

Since smashing his way through the Republican primary electorate and then defeating Hillary Clinton in one of the most shocking political upsets in American history, President Trump has worked to build a new Republican Party.

That new party hasn’t gone over well with several of the establishment figures within the party, who have never supported Trump and refuse to do so in any way even now.

It should come as no surprise then to see some of those same actors working to undermine the President as he prepares to run for re-election.

But to make matters worse, those same establishment figures are now allying themselves with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Socialist Congresswoman from New York, who was elected on a platform of opposing Trump’s every move, now has some unlikely political allies in the form of long-time Republican politicians who remain upset over President Trump blocking one of their own from becoming president.

The Daily Caller has the story, “Former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich said that while the Green New Deal might not be the right answer to global warming, ‘it’s asking the right question.’”

Kasich’s endorsement of the Green New Deal, which has been lambasted as one of the most poorly written documents to have ever come out of the halls of Congress, was almost certainly a move designed to provoke the President.

“But for all those problems, the Green New Deal is serving an important purpose by provoking a more vigorous level of public debate,” Kasich wrote in a USA Today op-ed published Monday. “We’ve finally reached a tipping point.”

The Green New Deal isn’t just a poorly worded document, however.

It is a recipe for economic catastrophe.

Calling for “net-zero” carbon emissions within 10 years is such a ridiculous goal that even the New York Times called the plan unfeasible.

The plan is so bogus that even many Democrats have refused to throw their support behind the plan.

Mitch McConnell’s plan to bring the Green New Deal to a floor vote in the U.S. Senate is also drawing complaints from Democrats, who have to choose between angering their far-left base by voting against the plan, or presenting themselves as horribly outside of the mainstream to the average American by voting for it.

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And yet John Kasich seems to be ok with it.

“It’s time for free-market moderates on both sides of the aisle to come up with answers of their own,” Kasich wrote.

“They can start with a carbon tax or a cap and trade program, which is a market-based trading system to incentivize carbon reduction,” Kasich adds.

“We also need to continue research supporting Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, the automotive fuel-efficiency requirements that have significantly reduced greenhouse gas pollution in recent years.”

Kasich is currently considering a primary challenge to President Trump.

(h/t Great American Daily)

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  • There are two familiar and former political types whom this writer could never trust. Both are deceitful and political losers which have soured the public concerning them. Apparently, Mitt Romney or John Kasich believe they’re totally dependable and noble, but they’re both oblivious to their treacherous natures. We, as voters, have one commonality of measurement concerning politicians, and whether with one political party or the other, we prefer a politician having an honorable character. Romney and Kasich will sell out anyone, if they think such a heinous deed will advance their political possibilities. They will say anything, do anything, in their lust for notoriety, because neither one of them are affected by the shame they bring upon themselves.

  • They both are mad people because TRUMP made them look like ass ! He beat them and they can not get over it!! They are hurting the people of the USA and even other country’s !! All we can do is to see that they never get elected again !! We need to put TRUMP back in office in 2020 and that will save the USA from the fare left and the NO Trumpers so get out and VOTE relected

  • “But to make matters worse, those same establishment figures are now allying themselves with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” Surprised? Hell, they are now showing their true colors thinking that if they are friends with the Communist Democrats, they will be getting friendship back. Typical Republican’s with the same goal of total federal control over the people as the Democrats as in playing the good cop/bad cop scenario.
    Amazing, but to the plan of the Communist Party to give this Communist upstart, Cortez, the publicity that she has garnered which in and of itself demonstrates the foothold that the Communist Party has in our government, and among the civilian population.

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