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A Sex Scandal Involving Children Just Destroyed This Top Trump Critic

A Sex Scandal Involving Children Just Destroyed This Top Trump Critic

Trump Critic John Weaver

Donald Trump’s critics claimed the President represented forces of incivility and indecency.

But it turns out the opposite was true.

And a sex scandal involving children just destroyed this top Trump critic.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Last month, American Greatness reporter Ryan James Girdusky broke the story that top Never Trumper, former John McCain chief strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver preyed on young men over social media allegedly offering jobs in exchange for sexual relationships.

Weaver—who is 61 years old and married with children—resigned from the group and the Lincoln Project stood by him.

Critics allege the Lincoln Project is a grift run by former Republicans to raise tens of millions of dollars from liberal donors to run ineffective ads on social media attacking Donald Trump.

Lincoln Project co-founders like former Bush and Romney campaign chief advisor Stuart Stevens claim Donald Trump is a moral affront to America.

Those attacks were turned back on the Lincoln Project when The New York Times advanced Girdusky’s story, getting on-the-record quotes from some of the 21 young men that accused Weaver of “grooming” them for a sexual relationship.

One of the accusers claimed Weaver began contacting him when he was 14years old and continued sending him creepy messages over social media throughout his time in high school.

Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and claimed he barely knew Weaver and was speechless at the accusations against him.

Critics found it hard to believe that George Conway—who is a partner at one of the biggest law firms in the world—entered into a political and business arrangement with someone he barely knew.

Rumors about Weaver’s conduct floated around politics for years.

A 2004 Atlantic article claimed Karl Rove tried to smear Weaver by claiming Weaver made a pass at a young male staffer.

Few believe the Lincoln Project co-founders truly were clueless as to Weaver’s allegedly predatory behavior.

The Lincoln Project co-founders are in full damage control mode.

Their liberal donors don’t read American Greatness, but they do respond to stories in The New York Times.

That’s why the group is working as quickly as possible to try and distance themselves from Weaver.

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