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Rush Limbaugh’s Replacement Made An Unexpected Announcement About His Show

Rush Limbaugh’s Replacement Made An Unexpected Announcement About His Show

Rush Limbaugh
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It was only a matter of time before a replacement for Rush Limbaugh was named.

But no one was expecting this.

Now Rush Limbaugh’s replacement made an unexpected announcement about his show.

As Great American Daily reports:

Cumulus Media Networks announced that popular podcaster and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino would host a daytime talk show to help fill Rush Limbaugh’s shoes.

In an interview with Business Insider, Bongino admitted that hosting a talk show in the age of Joe Biden was much more difficult than when Donald Trump or even Barack Obama was President.

Obama and Trump were celebrity politicians with outsized personalities that involved themselves in sports and cultural issues that allowed for hosts to delve into a variety of topics beyond politics.

By contrast, Bongino pointed out that while Biden was a terrible President pushing a socialist agenda, Biden was essentially a boring politician.

“I think Biden is a disaster for the country and his ideas are an atrocity. But he’s boring. He’s just boring,” Bongino explained. “Biden, not only do I think is a terrible president in these last few months, it’s just terrible for talk radio.”

“It is been a real chore the last few months since we’ve lost a Donald Trump, who has a personality the size of Texas — to go from that, to this,” Bongino added.

Bongino described the Biden administration as a challenge, but that Biden’s boring stagecraft would also present an opportunity to grow as a broadcaster.

“It’s going to be a challenge. It is. It’s going to be a challenge,” Bongino continued.

“I’ll tell you that it’s made me, I believe, a better broadcaster and host because you really had to dig. You’ve had to find interesting angles to stories. And Donald Trump was just a cornucopia of material,” Bongino added.

Bongino explained that you can’t just run a three-hour show declaring that Biden is a terrible President, it’s up to the host to craft an appealing narrative that draws in the audience by tackling the issues of the day from a perspective they never heard before.

“He’s boring and again I think he’s terrible, but you want to cover it in a way that people find interesting without just saying everyday ‘Biden’s terrible.’ That’s not a show,” Bongino stated.

Bongino also told Business Insider that Donald Trump created a media boom where anyone could host a podcast, write a book or fill hours of cable news programming only by subsisting off the constant stream of content Trump created.

Biden being so boring would force some of the hacks out of business.

“It’s going to be good. It’s going to sharpen, I think, us all up and separate the wheat from the chaff because candidly, I think even on the left and on our side, people who maybe were not so great at some of this stuff,” Bongino declared.

Of course there is one reason Biden is so “boring.”

Biden’s handlers are terrified of extended public appearances of Biden taking too many off-script questions for fear of his cognitive decline shining through.

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