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No One Had Any Idea Rush Limbaugh’s Health Took This Turn

No One Had Any Idea Rush Limbaugh’s Health Took This Turn

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh stunned Americans when he announced doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer.

The past several months saw Limbaugh take time away from his radio show for treatment.

But no one had any idea Rush Limbaugh’s health took this turn.

As Great American Daily reports:

After Rush Limbaugh announced in February that he would take periodical leaves of absence from his radio show to undergo treatment for advanced stage lung cancer, millions of Americans offered their thoughts and prayers.

Limbaugh promised he would not deliver a blow by blow of his prognosis.

But three months later, Limbaugh sent word out through his producer Bo Snerdley that he was undergoing his third round of treatment and it was grueling.

“Rush is giving an update on his treatment and health. He said – this is the third wave of treatment. ‘It is kicking my ass.’  Rush. We love you. Thank you for still coming in to work – despite feeling lousy. You are so strong and so loved. God Bless you,” Snerdley posted to social media.

Limbaugh later released a statement saying he would provide a more thorough update when the appropriate time came.

“People are asking for a health update. It’s been a long time since I’ve provided you with a health update. And I do these on the basis of instinctive feel. And I don’t have a schedule and a plan, okay, on this day I’m gonna update the audience on this stage. It’s all instinctive. It’s all a feel for it. And since I’m back on the day that I told you I’d be back, nothing of any emergency status happened, then… I don’t know. If I feel like updating, I will,” Limbaugh’s statement began.

Limbaugh added that he wanted to be known for his radio work and to not turn into a figure of pity.

“But as I’ve told you before, I’ve really tried to avoid becoming the nation’s most-listened-to cancer patient. I want to be the nation’s most-listened-to radio guy, radio talk show host, the nation’s most-listened-to media raconteur and whatever. But if the feeling hits me then I will provide you one. There is updated news, and, if it strikes me at a certain point in time, I will,” Limbaugh concluded.

Since announcing his cancer diagnosis, Limbaugh has been on the radio as much as humanly possible.

The 2020 election will be one of the ugliest and most important elections of many Americans’ lifetimes.

And Limbaugh’s audience is counting on Rush to cut through the liberal media’s fake news and provide the type of cutting-edge analysis the audience is used to.

But Limbaugh must also look out for his health.

It is understandable, then, that Limbaugh doesn’t want people to treat him as a figure of sympathy and patronize him about his cancer diagnosis.

Rush wants to maintain as much of a semblance of normal life as possible.

Great American Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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