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Rush Limbaugh’s Death Certificate Contained Six Words No One Could Believe

Rush Limbaugh’s Death Certificate Contained Six Words No One Could Believe

Rush Limbaugh
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Rush Limbaugh affected millions of Americans.

But something surprising happened.

And Rush Limbaugh’s death certificate contained six words no one could believe.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

Last month, beloved conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh passed away at age 70 following a year-long battle with lung cancer.

“We, the Limbaugh family, are deeply saddened to announced that our beloved Rush has died,” Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, said in a post on her husband’s Facebook account. “Rush Hudson Limbaugh III will forever be the greatest of all time, a courageous, brilliant gentle giant and radio pioneer. Our entire family is so thankful to everyone who prayed and cared for Rush, especially the audience he adored. Rush’s love for our country, and for all of you, will live on eternally.”

His radio show was a pioneer for all of conservative news when it started back in 1988 and for over 33 years it gave a voice to many Republicans whose views were ignored by the mainstream media.

The conservative movement would not be where it is today if it hadn’t been for Limbaugh’s work in paving the way for other Republican media like Fox News.

The death certificate of Rush Limbaugh, which was published by TMZ on Sunday, paid homage to his great career.

The occupation section of the document describes Limbaugh as the “GREATEST RADIO HOST OF ALL TIME.”

According to TMZ, “Kathryn Limbaugh [Rush Limbaugh’s wife], is listed as the person providing the info for the document, so it’s most likely her handiwork.”

Former President Donald Trump mentioned Limbaugh in his recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“I also want to pay my love and respect to the great Rush Limbaugh, who is watching closely and smiling down on us,” Trump said.

Trump considerately mentioned Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn, saying, “He is watching, and he’s loving it, and he loves Kathryn…Kathryn, thank you for being here, so great. Thank you, Kathryn. He loved you, Kathryn, I will tell you that.”

Kathryn said in a statement that her husband was “honorably laid to rest.” The talk show host was buried in a private ceremony at Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis with a small gathering of family members.

The historic cemetery “spans 314 acres and contains more than 87,000 graves, including many Civil War soldiers, as well as prominent state and local politicians. Explorer William Clark, beer tycoon Adolphus Busch, and former Sen. Thomas Hart Benton are among those interred there,” The Daily Wire reported.

A larger celebration of his life is being planned by family members at a later date and will take place either through a virtual format or in Cape Girardeau.

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