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Rush Limbaugh Dropped the Hammer On Adam Schiff. This Is What Crime He’s Guilty Of

Rush Limbaugh Dropped the Hammer On Adam Schiff. This Is What Crime He’s Guilty Of

Rush Limbaugh

It has finally come time for Adam Schiff to answer for what he’s done.

Schiff led the Democrats’ impeachment hoax and now faces major questions.

And Rush Limbaugh dropped the hammer on Adam Schiff. This is what crime he’s guilty of.

President Trump sent a message to Iran that no other American President has when he ordered a drone strike that eliminated terrorist General Qasem Soleimani.

For 40 years, American Presidents tolerated Iranian aggression and tolerated their murderous activities because they treated the Iranian government as legitimate and not a rogue terrorist enabler.

That all ended when one of Soleimani’s militias murdered an American citizen and President Trump took out Soleimani in return.

Iran eventually backed down after an empty gesture of “retaliation” and Democrats and the fake news media were left desperately trying to spin President Trump’s clear victory into a defeat.

The left settled on the fact that President Trump stated killing Soleimani prevented an imminent attack that President Trump believed was aimed at four U.S. embassies and so the President did not have to inform Congress ahead of time.

Rush Limbaugh poked holes in this fake news media narrative by pointing out the target U.S. embassies represent.

Limbaugh also noted that at a campaign rally President Trump told the crowd that he could not trust Congressional Democrats with this vital information.

“Do you know how big that embassy is? People have no idea. Our embassy in Baghdad rivals the Vatican in terms of size. There are 16,000 people in our embassy there. It’s a lot of potential damage just waiting to happen. But they’re trying to claim that Trump made it all up, that there wasn’t any intel. Trump said at his rally last night that the reason he didn’t let Congress know first is ’cause they would have leaked it,” Limbaugh began.

Schiff is one of the most prolific leakers in Congress.

During the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian collusion, Schiff was accused of repeatedly leaving the hearing room to leak testimony in real time to fake news CNN and other corrupt so-called “media” outlets.

Schiff would also falsely claim in media interviews to have evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.

However, Schiff never produced this evidence because the whole idea of Russian collusion was a hoax.

Limbaugh connected these dots to prove that Schiff was guilty of being untrustworthy and a leaker that would have spilled the beans to fake news media about the Soleimani strike to sabotage a major foreign policy victory because it would have benefited President Trump.

“If Adam Schiff had gotten hold of this or Pelosi, you know damn well they would have called somebody in the media and tried to sabotage the mission, not because they love terrorists because they’d try to undermine Trump. That’s all they’ve got. The only thing the Democrat Party has is attempting to undermine Trump at whatever stage and with whatever policy that he happens to be interested in or engaging in. And there’s no question he’s right about it,” Limbaugh continued.

Given Adam Schiff’s checkered and untrustworthy history as a leaker and a partisan, President Trump was absolutely correct both legally and morally in not informing Adam “Shifty” Schiff of the Soleimani strike ahead of time.

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