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This Red Flag About Hunter Biden’s Finances Makes Every Democrat Nervous

This Red Flag About Hunter Biden’s Finances Makes Every Democrat Nervous

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation for his foreign business deals.

The news is about to get worse.

And this red flag about Hunter Biden’s finances makes every Democrat nervous.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

The president’s son,Hunter Biden, has spent years struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and personal scandals.

He spent years as a lobbyist while his father was in Congress and then moved on to bigger international financial dealings while his father was vice president.

Now at the age of 51, Hunter Biden has decided to be an artist.

“I understand that he’s self-taught but that he’s been making art all his life — that’s pretty common, and to me, that’s no reason to discount the value of his work,’’Mark Tribe, chairman of the MFA Fine Arts Department at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, told the New York Post.

Some of Hunter Biden’s artwork is reportedly going to be sold for half a million dollars to anonymous buyers.

Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics under the Obama administration, decried the way Hunter Biden is capitalizing on his father’s career.

“The notion of a president’s son capitalizing on that relationship by selling art at obviously inflated prices and keeping the public in the dark about who’s funneling money to him has a shameful and grifty feel to it,” Shaub told Fox News.

Shaub added that “Hunter Biden’s grotesquely inflated art prices create” a risk of “influence-seekers funneling money to the Biden family.”

He added that Biden’s art dealer, Georges Berges, went to prison for assault with a deadly weapon in his pastand needed to disclose who the buyers of the paintings are.

“But I also think it’s ridiculous that Hunter Biden is even going forward with this sale as a first-time artist,” Shaub said. “He can’t possibly think anyone is paying him based on the quality of the art. This smells like an attempt to cash in on a family connection to the White House. At a minimum, the president should be asking his son not to go through with this auction.”

Shaub added on Twitter, “It makes perfect sense that a hedge fund manager with no art training who has never sold a piece would seek $500,000 for his doodles, and anyone who thinks the payoff’s based on his relation to POTUS is patently crazy. Why I sold macaroni art for more than that in nursery school.”

In contrast, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s art has only sold for a modest amount at auction, with the record price for his art going for just over $5,000.

Even considering the fact that Hunter Biden is the president’s son, his art seems vastly overpriced, especially considering his lack of experience.

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