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Prosecutors Don’t Want Trump Learning What They Discovered About Hillary Clinton

Prosecutors Don’t Want Trump Learning What They Discovered About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
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The Deep State is fighting Donald Trump right to the very end.

Four years after he took office Donald Trump is still facing leakers and conspirators within the government.

And now Prosecutors don’t want Trump to learn what they discovered about Hillary Clinton.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

John Solomon of Just the News broke the bombshell story that Robert Mueller and his pack of attack dog Democrat prosecutors uncovered evidence that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee first cooked up the Russian collusion conspiracy as early as May 2016.

Solomon reported that the Mueller team collected email exchanges between Democrat lobbyist – and Paul Manafort business partner – Rick Gates – who worked as Deputy Campaign Manager on the 2016 Trump campaign as well as with Manafort on lobbying projects in Ukraine.

Gates emailed Podesta that he received a tip from members of the American Polish Advisory Council who met with operatives at the Democratic National Committee in May 2017 and walked away from the meeting with the knowledge that Democrats planned to launch a smear campaign falsely linking Manafort to the Russian government.

“Last Friday APAC had a meeting at DNC organized by their ethnic outreach office, presenting Democratic Party strategies for presidential elections,” Gates told Podesta. “One of the subjects was a smear campaign against Paul Manafort, which will be launched in a couple of days. The head of the ethnic outreach is of Ukrainian descent and has connections in Ukraine.

“She was able to produce documents linking Manafort to Moscow during his time as adviser to Victor Yanukowych (cq), ousted former Ukrainian president. They will try to link Donald Trump to Putin through Manafort’s engagement and money trail of over [a] billion dollars. This was a formal presentation on the part of DNC — I am trying to obtain an audio tape from the meeting. I just wanted to share this with you to make you aware before they start,” Gates added.

In an interview with Just the News, Gates confirmed these exchanges and revealed he told the Mueller team that a Ukrainian operative was involved in spreading the disinformation about Paul Manafort the Democrats planned to use to frame Donald Trump for colluding with Russia.

“The second issue was an email exchange I had with Tony Podesta in spring 2016 requesting Tony’s help and support about a political opposition project that was being orchestrated by the DNC against Paul Manafort to falsely tie him to Russia as a means of suggesting Trump was tied to Russia,” Gates told Just the News. “I told the Special Counsel I reached out to Tony at Paul’s request to see if he could help.

“Tony came back to me and identified the DNC operative who was running the operation as Alexandra Chalupa, the head of their ethnic coalitions. Tony also indicated he believed he had been successful in slowing down the opposition research against Paul,” Gates added.

During the impeachment hoax, President Trump and congressional Republicans argued the President had an interest in investigating if Ukrainians interfered in the 2016 election.

The fake news media and Democrats falsely claimed that story was a conspiracy theory cooked up by Russian intelligence.

But Rick Gates’ emails show that Ukrainians did assist the Democrats in spreading disinformation about the Trump campaign and Russia.

Solomon reached out to a source familiar with the Mueller probe to ask why this vital information was not included in their final report.

“We did have evidence to show that early collusion allegations against Trump and Manafort were created or propagated by people who either worked for the DNC or the Clinton campaign, including some efforts that went beyond the Steele dossier,” the source told Solomon.

“Our job was to report on and prosecute crimes, not write an essay on how political opposition research was conducted by the two parties,” the source added.

This is a lie.  The Mueller report had little to do with crimes because they presented a report about the conduct of individuals on the Trump campaign and the President himself, who were not charged with crimes.

Mueller was supposed to turn in a complete accounting of the findings of the Russian collusion probe.

That did not happen because the Democrat prosecutors wanted to protect Hillary Clinton.

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