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One Key Obama Ally Is Going To Hate What William Barr Has Planned

One Key Obama Ally Is Going To Hate What William Barr Has Planned

The FBI was at the center of Barack Obama’s Deep State..

Former FBI Director James Comey helped put a failed coup attempt against Donald Trump in motion.

James Comey is in trouble and he attacked William Barr, but it backfired in this shocking way.

Former FBI director James Comey is perhaps one of the most hated men in America.

After bailing out Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections by declaring there were no laws broken after a botched FBI investigation, Comey then enraged Democrats by bringing the investigation back up in late October, before again clearing Clinton right before the election.

He’s waffled back and forth on both sides without ever taking a stand on principle for any reason.

And it’s little surprise that Trump fired him shortly after taking office.

Now, Comey seems to have squarely aligned himself with Democrats, going so far as to donate to many of them running for Congress in 2018 and publicly attacking President Trump’s leadership in the White House.

Comey is also now taking a shot at Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr.

Fox News reports, “A leading Republican is disputing former FBI Director James Comey’s claims that the FBI did not spy on President Trump’s 2016 campaign and that he “had no idea” why Attorney General William Barr used that language to describe agents’ investigation.”

“In an interview on “America’s Newsroom” House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Representative Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, cited the Christopher Steele dossier, before making a dramatic statement about what went on ahead of the 2016 election in regards to surveillance on members of the Trump campaign,” adds Fox News.

It seems like Comey made a huge mistake going after Barr.

And now he’s being called out for it like never before.

Comey thinks he can deflect his own failings in 2016 onto Barr.

But in reality, all that he’s doing is bringing his own past back up for examination, and it’s not pretty.

Jordan told Bill Hemmer, “if that’s not spying, I don’t know what is… Andy McCabe told us when we deposed him that, but for the dossier, they wouldn’t have gotten the warrant. So, the idea that they used it…Jim Comey’s own words: salacious and unverified. Not my words. Not Republican words.”

“The Director of the FBI who has been fired said it was salacious and unverified when they took it to a court—a secret court—to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page who was associated with the Trump campaign.”

So it appears like Comey himself did nothing to pursue justice in the middle of the 2016 election cycle, and now he’s trying to cover up his tracks.

To make matters worse for Comey, he’s now attacking Barr for some of the very things he himself did or failed to do while he was on the job with the FBI.

The hypocrisy coming from Comey is astounding, yet he doesn’t seem to realize it.

“I think Democrats are nervous about that. So, what do they do? They attack Bill Barr. They’re going to hold him in contempt for following the law, for goodness sake,” added Jordan.

Do you think Trump was right to fire Comey?

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