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One Judge Just Hit Donald Trump With a Nasty Surprise That Has Him Seeing Red

One Judge Just Hit Donald Trump With a Nasty Surprise That Has Him Seeing Red

Democrats think they found the secret weapon to take down Donald Trump.

And they believe the President is helpless to stop them

And this one judge just hit Donald Trump with a nasty surprise that has him seeing red

As American Patriot Daily Reports:

President Trump has been battling Democrats at every turn since taking office.

The fight has now spilled over into the court system as Obama-appointed judges attempt to derail his presidency.

And now, Trump is seeing red after these liberal judges just slammed a ruling down on him that derailed his biggest plans for the year.

President Trump has spent a year working to make good on his promise to secure the border and build a wall.

But as Trump continues to battle stiff Democratic opposition to his immigration plans, he’s now facing a new battle that came out of left field.

Having already defeated Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in Congress to get his wall with Mexico built, the only remaining hurdle that the President had to overcome was the courts.

And Democrats immediately began court shopping to find a liberal judge that would side with them to block construction of the wall.

They just found one too.

The Daily Caller reports, “9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in San Francisco dealt a blow to President Donald Trump’s ability to fund wall construction on the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“The three-judge panel ruled Wednesday that the president can’t reallocate money from the Department of Defense to fund border wall construction, agreeing with a lower court ruling, according to the Associated Press. The funds were to be used to construct high-priority sections of wall in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.”

This is a massive blow to the President and his plans to get a wall with Mexico built before the 2020 elections roll around.

But it only happened this way because Democrats found a liberal court centered in San Francisco to drop the ruling against him.

In essence, liberals knew that if they took this case to a conservative or impartial judge, they’d lose.

So they took it to a court that they knew was packed with people who would side with them against the President.

And now, the White House is locked in a legal battle over the fate of the border wall that Trump has worked so hard to get built.

“The ruling was the latest in the Trump administration’s bid to tap Department of Defense funds for border wall construction, allowing him to fulfill a major campaign promise,” adds the Daily Caller.

“Democrats and the White House ended the longest government shutdown in U.S. history over a disagreement for wall funding. The two sides agreed to spend nearly $1.4 billion on physical barriers in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, an area rife with illegal crossings. However, the amount was far below the $5.7 billion Trump originally requested of lawmakers.”

While Trump will likely prevail in an appeal his administration is expected to file, the results are still a setback to his plans to build the wall.

He will have to wait until the court case is properly hashed out and appealed to a higher level.

And that means that more time will be spent without having a border wall.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.

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