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Nikki Haley Will Never Be Able to Show Her Face In Public After What Tucker Carlson Just Revealed

Nikki Haley Will Never Be Able to Show Her Face In Public After What Tucker Carlson Just Revealed

Tucker Carlson
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Nikki Haley was the first establishment RINO to challenge Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Haley’s campaign imploded on launch.

And Nikki Haley will never be able to show her face in public after what Tucker Carlson just revealed.

As Great American Daily reports:

Nikki Haley thought she received a political gift from heaven when CNN anchor Don Lemon whined that Haley could not be president because she is past her sexual prime.

Normally getting attacked by an obnoxious liberal in the corporate media brings the type of attention and fundraising opportunities that a campaign cannot buy.

Not in the case of Nikki Haley.

Tucker Carlson explained that Lemon’s dig at Haley for being too old to have children actually helped explain why Haley makes her wokeness the central message of her campaign.

Carlson explained that Lemon operated under the assumption that since Haley claims to be a Republican he could say whatever he wanted about her.

But unfortunately for Lemon, Carlson noted, Nikki Haley is a woke woman who holds all the right political views so she is untouchable.

“He stepped in it. But to be fair to Don Lemon, Nikki Haley seemed like perfectly fair game. She’s a Republican presidential candidate, so savage her for all you want. Oh, but no, because in fact, in all the ways that matter, Nikki Haley is a member in good standing of the most protected class of all: upper-income, liberal white ladies with fashionable political views. She may be running to be the Republican nominee, but she is fundamentally indistinguishable from the neo-liberal donor base of the Democratic Party,” Carlson stated.

Carlson explained that Nikki Haley spoke out in favor of the Black Lives Matter insurrection after George Floyd died, opposed legislation banning men from using the girls’ bathroom as well as professed her unbreakable commitment to secure Ukraine’s border at the expense of America’s, and that Haley pitched her candidacy to Republicans on the sole basis of her race and gender.

“Nikki Haley believes in collective racial guilt. She thinks Ukraine’s borders are more important than our own. Far more important. She believes identity politics is our future. Vote for me because I’m a woman, she says. That’s her pitch. So Don Lemon should have caught this, but he missed it completely,” Carlson continued.

Carlson told viewers that woke men who buy into identity politics are the backbone of the Democrat Party coalition and that is why CNN took Don Lemon off the air for multiple days and sent him to a re-education program.

“He didn’t get it, and so he stepped in his final bear trap. Don Lemon may be black, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to criticize Nikki Haley. Sorry. If it’s a choice between a black man and a liberal white lady, the Democratic Party will drop the black guy every single time. Who makes up a bigger proportion of the American electorate?” Carlson continued.

When a candidate announces their campaign for presidency they usually experience a massive windfall of fundraising.

Republicans like Haley usually rake in money after being smeared by the fake news media.

But Haley’s team has not put out any social media posts about their fundraising.

And that is because Republicans understand the message Tucker Carlson communicated about Nikki Haley being the stereotypical woke woman who buys into every trendy left-wing social issue.

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