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New video debunks Pelosi’s January 6 claim

New video debunks Pelosi’s January 6 claim

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The camera never lies.

Nancy Pelosi is going to struggle with that old saying.

And a shocking new video is about to turn Nancy Pelosi’s life upside-down.

The committee hired former ABC News producer James Goldston to create a made-for-TV, Hollywood-style presentation that would be a dramatic retelling of Trump supporters supposedly trying to overthrow the government for the committee’s hearings.

But little did the public know that the committee also engaged in Hollywood-style special effects to spice up the videos shown to the public.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made the 40,000 hours of unseen Capitol Hill security camera footage available to three news outlets so the American people could learn all the secrets Pelosi and the committee hid from the public.

Just the News was one of the organizations allowed to view the footage and what their journalists discovered was jaw-dropping.

The committee added in audio to silent footage to make it sound more dramatic and give the false impression that a bloodthirsty crowd was out to wage an insurrection.

Just the News reports:

One video clip from the genuine security footage shows an aerial view of the U.S. Capitol Building without sound as the riot unfolded on Jan. 6. Yet during the hearing the same clip aired with audio of crowd noises.

Another clip shows rioters entering the building through the Senate wing door. Viewers can hear glass breaking and a lot of shouting as the clip played during the hearing, but the Capitol Police and others have confirmed that the genuine and original version of this security footage had no audio.

Georgia Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk was not surprised by the committee’s deception.

The committee tried to frame Loudermilk as an insurrectionist by feeding the deranged and baseless conspiracy theory that Loudermilk gave reconnaissance tours of the Capitol to rioters prior to January 6.

“What the American people want to know is the truth, and this was nothing but a Hollywood production,” Loudermilk stated. “The committee spent $18.5 million, at least that’s what we know of, to write a dossier against Donald Trump and to create this Hollywood production. And when I looked at the videos, it’s clear, it’s apparent to me that it is a Capitol police security video film, and there is no audio whatsoever.”

“And so yes, it was dubbed on there for dramatic effect,” Loudermilk added. “And that shows that what they were trying to do is sway public opinion, not just get the truth out.”

The January 6 Committee was never about the truth.

That’s why the committee never investigated Nancy Pelosi’s actions leading up to, and on, January 6.

The committee’s only goal was framing Donald Trump and his supporters as terrorists and insurrectionists in order to boost the Democrats prospects of victory in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

But the committee got caught doctoring video footage in service to this false narrative.

And many Americans believe this now calls into question the totality of the committee’s work product.

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