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Nancy Pelosi will give up her seat for this surprising Democrat

Nancy Pelosi will give up her seat for this surprising Democrat

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Nancy Pelosi’s time in Congress is coming to an end.

The race is on behind the scenes to see who will replace her.

And Nancy Pelosi will give up her seat for this surprising Democrat.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Nancy Pelosi is reaching the point where it’s time to fish or cut bait on her retirement.

The decision will shape the Democrat Party’s future.

And all hell broke loose when everyone found out who is going to replace Nancy Pelosi.

Polls show Republicans on the verge of a giant red wave in 2022.

Republicans hold a historically large lead in the generic ballot question asking which party Americans would like to see in control of Congress.

That left the most suspenseful question hanging over the House of Representatives revolving around Nancy Pelosi’s future.

Pelosi pledged to only serve two terms as speaker of the House in order to win the gavel after the 2018 midterms.

Since it is the second term in that deal, rumors swirl around Washington that Pelosi will retire.

“Everyone assumes this is her last term, but no one knows for sure,” a source close to Speaker Pelosi told CNN. “People don’t realize how hard it was to win (the speaker’s race) last time.”

But there is one catch to the retirement talk.

If Pelosi announces this is her last term it will act as the equivalent of a king laying down his sword and shield on the field of battle and signal unconditional surrender in the battle for control over the House.

Democrats are fighting an uphill battle to retain control of the Senate, several key swing state governors’ mansions and state legislatures.

A Pelosi retirement would tell Democrat voters their cause is lost and depress turnout costing the party far more than just the House of Representatives.

“If she left early, she would be blamed for losing the House,” the Pelosi source also told CNN. “She doesn’t want to look like a loser.”

However, Pelosi is facing a key fork in the road.

The deadline to file for re-election is March 11 and if Pelosi retires, Pelosi’s daughter Christine is sending the word out she would be interested in running to fill her mother’s seat.

“Christine Pelosi has privately told allies she is interested in holding public office, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter, though she did not respond to inquiries seeking comment about her mother’s House seat. Some Democrats pointed to a possible candidacy of Mayor London Breed, but her spokesman said she would not run for Congress in 2022 if Pelosi decides to retire,” CNN reported.

While Republicans would cheer Pelosi retiring and essentially conceding that Democrats will lose control of the House of Representatives in November, some Republicans would find a new foil in the younger Pelosi entering Congress.

For 20 years Nancy Pelosi served as the divisive and increasingly authoritarian leader of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives.

That run appears like it is coming to an end.

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