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Nancy Pelosi Reached a New Low With a Coronavirus Double Cross That Sold Out America

Nancy Pelosi Reached a New Low With a Coronavirus Double Cross That Sold Out America

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi looks at the Chinese coronavirus outbreak as a chance to score political victories.

Her cutthroat attitude at a time of national emergency is revealing her true colors.

And Nancy Pelosi reached a new low with this coronavirus double-cross that sold out America

As Conservative Revival reports:

WHO just declared novel coronavirus that started in China late last year is indeed a pandemic.

There are over 1000 cases here in America and without a doubt, there will be more in the coming weeks.

One of the huge problems with the globalism that Democrats promote is that as soon as systems break down every country is left to fend for themselves.

Italy is begging other countries in the European Union to come to its aid with resources but they aren’t because they know that they need to save their resources for when the virus hits them.

80% of medical masks are manufactured in China and China seems to have placed restrictions on exporting them.

America would be facing a critical shortage of medical masks even if the coronavirus cases weren’t starting to pop up in America.

America needs to start producing masks and fast or else exposed medical personnel will end up getting sick.

But Democrats took out a key provision that would help companies ramp up production quickly.

The shortage of masks is so serious that the surgeon general tweeted “Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS!”

Democrats took out a provision that would keep doctors from suing companies if masks malfunctioned.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Sen. Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, blamed House Democrats for the shortage of protective masks amid the coronavirus outbreak, saying they blocked a measure that would have given mask manufacturers legal immunity if doctors using them got sick and thereby crimped production.

“It is vitally important that we give this kind of legal protection to those manufacturers,” Cotton said on Fox and Friends Tuesday. “That we care more for public health and our great doctors and nurses rather than the ambulance-chasing lawyers who have Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in their back pocket.”

The Trump administration and manufacturers of respirator face masks wanted a provision added to the $8.3 billion emergency spending bill signed last week to protect manufacturers from legal recourse if doctors and nurses who wear the masks get sick while treating coronavirus patients.

“But unfortunately, behind closed doors, the Democrats killed a vital provision to protect our great doctors and nurses,” Cotton said.

This isn’t a situation where doctors and healthcare workers have the choice between rigorously tested masks or masks that may not be of the same quality.

This is a case where any protective gear is better than none.

And Democrats should be ashamed they are putting healthcare workers at elevated risk.

Where is Nancy Pelosi’s common sense?

She’s blaming Trump for not doing enough yet she’s sabotaging the useful measures Trump is trying to pass.

Nancy Pelosi’s petty politics needs to stop in the face of this serious situation.

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