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Nancy Pelosi Dropped the Hammer on Trump’s Impeachment With One Slap in the Face

Nancy Pelosi Dropped the Hammer on Trump’s Impeachment With One Slap in the Face

Donald Trump

Democrats aren’t kidding around.

House Democrats have been pushing to remove the President from office for weeks.

And Nancy Pelosi just dropped the hammer on Trump’s impeachment with one slap in the face.

President Donald Trump has defied the odds repeatedly.

Despite everything the Democrats have thrown against him, he’s stood strong and defeated their efforts to impeach him time and time again.

And when Democrats rallied behind Special Counsel Robert Mueller in hopes that he would take down the President with his investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, Trump again defied the odds by walking away from a two-year investigation completely exonerated.

When far left liberals tried to sink him with bogus allegations that he had colluded with the Russian government, Trump blew their conspiracy theories out of the water.

The failure of the Mueller investigation to sink the President should have been the last attempt to bring about his impeachment.

But now, the prospect of Trump being impeached by Democrats in Congress is once again on the table.

And it’s all because of one subpoena.

“The House Judiciary Committee reportedly plans to subpoena former White House aide Rob Porter as the panel seeks to determine whether it should recommend articles of impeachment. Politico reported Monday that the committee would subpoena the former White House staff secretary, who was a key witness in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation,” reports The Hill.

With this move, Democrats in Washington are sending a message to the President that they aren’t about to give up on trying to impeach him just yet.

This, despite the fact that every time the question of impeachment has come forward, it has failed miserably in the House of Representatives.

The Hill adds, “According to Mueller’s report, Porter was present for several instances of possible obstruction of justice. The report said that President Trump told Porter to ask a then-Justice Department official, Rachel Brand, about whether she would oversee the Mueller probe.”

Yet despite the abject failure of the Mueller report, the Democrats don’t seem to realize that there is no realistic way they can remove Trump from office.

But they’re going to try anyway.

“If Porter is subpoenaed, the White House would most likely try to block it, the news outlet noted. The White House has invoked ‘absolute immunity’ in preventing other aides such as former counsel Don McGahn from testifying — a tactic House Democrats have challenged in court,” adds The Hill.

This could come back to haunt the Democratic Party in a major way however, because while they lack the votes to remove Trump from office in the Senate, the American people have the votes to remove them from power in the House of Representatives next year.

And with most Americans overwhelmingly opposed to impeaching Trump, further attempts to do just that could prove to be the Democrats’ undoing in the 2020 elections.

Do you think Democrats will try and impeach President Trump again?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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