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A Big-Name Democrat Hit Nancy Pelosi With This Devastating News About the January 6 Committee

A Big-Name Democrat Hit Nancy Pelosi With This Devastating News About the January 6 Committee

Tulsi Gabbard
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Nancy Pelosi set up the January 6 Committee to take out Donald Trump.

It’s not going as planned.

And a big-name Democrat hit Nancy Pelosi with this devastating news about the January 6 Committee.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Former 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard dished the truth about the partisan January 6 Select Committee.

Gabbard explained that the committee was a political dog and pony show by the Democrats and their allies in the corporate media to distract from the real issues such as Joe Biden’s failures on inflation, crime and the border.

“Because whether you’re talking about the mainstream media … or Congress, frankly, they don’t care about the real threats that we face domestically to our freedoms and our democracy,” Gabbard added. “Instead, they’re focusing on this; they don’t want to deal with the real issues that Americans are struggling with every day across the country: increasing inflation, rising gas prices, increasing crime, open borders.”

Gabbard slammed the committee as a sham based on the fact the members hired former ABC producer James Goldston to add Hollywood glitz to the propaganda presentation.

Members of the committee have also all but admitted their real goal is political in nature which is stopping Donald Trump from running for re-election in 2024.

“So much of this has been politicized,” said Gabbard. “It’s been sensationalized with very specific objectives that have nothing to do with upholding the Constitution or what’s in the best interests of the country and the American people, and I think that the way that this hearing has been actually not even so-called produced, it’s literally being produced by somebody I think who is from ABC News in order to try to come with an objective that has nothing to do, again, with what’s best for the people, what’s best for the Constitution. They’re trying to achieve their own political interests. And it’s just really sad that they’re abusing their power in order to do that.”

Carlson then asked Gabbard about how ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN all covered the January 6 committee’s hearing from start to finish as ideological homogeny straight out of the state media of a totalitarian regime.

Gabbard quickly agreed calling the corporate media’s hive mind-like coverage of January 6 and the committee’s investigation un-American.

“This is not America,” Gabbard continued. “This is what’s so crazy and what’s angering and sad; all of these things at the same time is: This is not the vision that our Founders had for America.”

Gabbard said that same criticism also applied to the members of the committee who critics contend conducted a show trial straight out of Joe Stalin’s Russia.

“And these people who serve in the people’s house, members of Congress literally go to work every day in the people’s house,” Gabbard continued. “And it just seems like so many of them have forgotten that’s who they work for and it’s such a privilege to have that responsibility.”

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