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Nancy Pelosi Made One Announcement of Defeat That No One Thought They’d Ever See

Nancy Pelosi Made One Announcement of Defeat That No One Thought They’d Ever See

Nancy Pelosi

The fake news media built up Nancy Pelosi as bulletproof in her fight against Donald Trump.

But all of Washington was stunned into silence by one letter Pelosi sent.

And that’s because Nancy Pelosi made one announcement of defeat that no one thought they’d ever see.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a letter to the White House inviting President Trump to deliver the State of the Union address on February 4, 2020.

“In their great wisdom, our Founders crafted a Constitution based on a system of separation of powers: three co-equal branches acting as checks on each other. To ensure that balance of powers, the Constitution calls for the president to ‘from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,’” Pelosi wrote to the President.

“In the spirit of respecting our Constitution, I invite you to deliver your State of the Union address before a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 in the Chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives,” the Speaker of the House continued.

While Pelosi tried to throw shade Trump’s way by jabbing him about checks and balances and separation of powers, the symbolism of Pelosi’s gesture was clear.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi waved the white flag of surrender on impeachment.

Pelosi is putting on a brave front withholding sending the articles to the Senate to try and blackmail the Republicans into caving into Democrats’ demands for additional witnesses.

But Speaker Pelosi inviting the President to deliver the State of the Union makes it clear that impeachment will be wrapped by the first week in February and the Senate will exonerate President Trump.

All one has to do is look back to a year ago to see how badly Speaker Pelosi caved on this issue.

During the government shutdown over border wall funding, Speaker Pelosi revoked President Trump’s invite to deliver the State of the Union address until the shutdown was resolved.

Fast forward one year and Nancy Pelosi isn’t even pretending to not schedule a State of the Union because the outcome of the impeachment debacle is not in doubt.

If Pelosi had any doubts that the Senate would convict President Trump and remove him from office, the Speaker would not schedule a State of the Union address.

That would add to the press narrative of a White House in crisis.

That is clearly not the case.

Pelosi – as do all fair-minded Americans – recognizes that the case the Democrats made on impeachment is laughable.

That’s why polls –especially those in key battleground states – show more voters opposing impeachment than supporting it.

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats’ only chance for political survival in 2020 is to fold, move on from this impeachment debacle, and hope the voters forget by the time Election Day rolls around.

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