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Mitt Romney Paid This Major Price For Stabbing Trump In the Back

Mitt Romney Paid This Major Price For Stabbing Trump In the Back

Mitt Romney

Utah Senator Mitt Romney is one of the biggest RINOs in Congress.

Romney thought he could get away with betraying the President and his supporters.

But that all changed when Mitt Romney paid this major price for stabbing Trump in the back.

Mitt Romney and other pro-amnesty establishment RINOs are biding their time hoping to get rid of Donald Trump so they can seize back control of the Republican Party from the grassroots conservatives that yanked it away when they handed the nomination to Donald Trump.

Romney hoped that by voting to convict President Trump on the Democrats’ sham and partisan articles of impeachment Romney was laying down his marker for the seat of power in a post-Trump Republican Party.

Romney’s gambit failed and now the Utah RINO is beginning to understand the scope of the political price he must pay.

President Trump created a bipartisan commission on reopening the economy that included every Senate Republican except Mitt Romney.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) was the only Republican senator not selected to be a part of a new congressional coronavirus task force created by the White House to study the reopening of different parts of America’s economy.

The White House released a list Thursday evening titled, “Opening Up America Again Congressional Group,” which included almost 70 senators and all 52 of Romney’s GOP chamber colleagues.

According to a spokesperson for Romney, who was the only Republican who voted to impeach President Donald Trump earlier this year, the Utah senator was not asked to be a part of the initiative.

The new White House task force also features a bipartisan group of 32 representatives from the House, which includes 22 Republicans and ten Democrats.

It is clear that Donald Trump has not forgotten Mitt Romney’s betrayal in the impeachment hoax.

Romney became the first Senator in American history voting to convict a President of his own party in an impeachment trial.

This led to an avalanche of fawning media coverage in the fake news as so-called “journalists” tripped over themselves writing puff pieces about Romney’s alleged “honor” and commitment to so-called “principle.”

Romney clearly gambled his political future on this vote.

The bet appears to have blown up in his face.

While Romney is not up for re-election until 2024 it is a safe bet that he will face a pro-Trump primary challenger.

Not only will Romney face a conservative opponent in the primary, Trump snubbing him for the reopening commission also makes it clear President Trump will endorse Romney’s challenger and campaign heavily against Romney by staging mega-rallies in Utah in the run up to the primary.

Anti-Trump RINOs Jeff Flake and Bob Corker faced similar situations in the 2018 election cycle and retired rather than face humiliating defeat at the hands of a Trump backed challenger.

Will Mitt Romney suffer the same fate?

Conservative Revival will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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