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Mike Pence’s Career Will Be Over If Trump Makes This Decision

Mike Pence’s Career Will Be Over If Trump Makes This Decision

Donald Trump
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Mike Pence was plotting a White House bid in 2024.

Those dreams may be over.

And Mike Pence’s career will be over if Trump makes this decision.

As Great American Daily reports:

President Trump spoke to Republican donors at his Mar-a-Lago residence.

During Trump’s remarks, Trump ripped Pence for not rejecting the Electoral College results from states that Trump claimed were tainted by fraud.

Pence stated that his role in the January 6 joint session of Congress was merely ceremonial and the Constitution gave him no power.

But Trump’s irritation with Pence was not limited to his remarks.

Trump invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to share the stage with him during his speech and Trump has told aides if he runs for president again in 2024 that he wants to replace Pence as his running mate with Governor DeSantis.

“Notably, Trump allowed DeSantis to share the stagewith him. While Trump used his speech to share with donors that he was ‘disappointed’ in Pence, he has privately told advisers that if he runs again, he wants DeSantis as his running mate,” POLITICO reported.

DeSantis’ stock rose over the course of the last year due to DeSantis rejecting mask mandates and lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic as well as for fighting back against the corporate media and Big Tech.

This is not the first time Trump slighted Pence and promoted DeSantis.

In an interview with Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe for Boothe’s podcast, Trump listed DeSantis and several other Republican governors and senators as future leaders of the party and presidential timber.

“We have a lot of young, good people,” Trump began. “[Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis is doing a really good job in Florida. I think [Missouri Sen.] Josh Hawley has shown some real courage in going after big tech.

“And you know somebody that’s been really terrific is Ted Cruz … And [Kentucky Sen.] Rand Paul has been great. A lot of people, I mean, really a lot of people have been terrific. [Former White House press secretary] Sarah Huckabee is going to do great in Arkansas. I think that [South Dakota Gov.] Kristi Noem has done a terrific job. A lot of – a lot of very good people, really very good people. The Republican party is stacked,” Trump added.

Trump added that he would make a decision on his own campaign for president down the line, which many assume to be after the 2022 midterm elections.

“There’s a pretty deep bench,” he told Boothe. “I’ll make that decision sometime later, but there’s a pretty deep bench. If you look at the polls, they love the job that I’ve done.”

What stuck out to many listeners in Trump’s answer was that Trump did not list Pence as one of his endorsed future leaders of the GOP.

That omission, as well as the current reports out of Florida, suggest that if Trump does run for president again in 2024, there will be a shakeup on the ticket.

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