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Mike Pence Is About to Make An Unexpected Decision About Challenging Trump

Mike Pence Is About to Make An Unexpected Decision About Challenging Trump

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Mike Pence has Presidential ambitions of his own.

But the status of his relationship with Donald Trump is up in the air.

And now Mike Pence is about to make an unexpected decision about challenging Trump.

As Great American Daily reports:

Mike Pence traveled to Washington to address a closed-door meeting of the Republican Study Committee—a group initially founded to push a conservative policy agenda.

Many Trump supporters were angry at Pence after Pence performed his constitutional duty to count the Electoral College votes and certify the results of the 2020 election.

Some Republicans thought Pence wanted to put distance between himself and Trump ahead of a 2024 presidential campaign.

But in the meeting with the Republican Study Committee, Pence relayed that he and Trump still have a strong relationship and that whatever happened after the election has not altered their rapport.

The New York Post reported:

Speaking to reporters after the nearly two-hour meeting, Banks said that Pence told the group that he maintains a strong relationship with former President Trump.

Banks said the ex-VP gave him the sense that the two men have the same rapport that they did prior to all that occurred after the 2020 presidential election.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks of Indiana told the press that Mike Pence had a role in the future of the Republican Party.

“Mike Pence is a statesman, he’s an optimist and he’s a unifier. That’s what makes him unique and our moment and that’s why I think he’s, he’ll have a powerful moment in the future, the Indiana lawmaker said, arguing that the former vice president would play a role in unifying the GOP,” Banks stated.

Banks addressed the rift in the party where establishment Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger claimed the GOP needed to ditch Donald Trump.

Pence disagreed and Banks said the GOP could unite around opposition to Joe Biden’s socialist agenda.

“As far as he’s concerned — and as far as I think we’re concerned — Republicans are more unified than some are giving us credit for,” Banks added.

Pence relayed the similarities to Biden pushing a two trillion-dollar bailout bill to 2009 when Barack Obama rammed massive spending bills through Congress igniting the Tea Party movement which led to the GOP landslide in 2010 midterms and which culminated with Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

“A massive spending deal Democrats pushed in 2009 that overreached, every single [House] Republican voted against in 2009. That sure looks like the $1.9 trillion bill that’s on the floor this week,” Banks recounted Pence saying.

“The more Democrats overreach, the more likely we are going to have a 2010 type midterm to win back the majority,” Banks added, “[Pence] sort of senses the similarity in that moment to this moment.”

Banks said Pence planned on announcing the creation of a political organization in the next several months which would lead to Pence wading into the 2022 midterms.

Pence endorsing candidates and campaigning for them is a clear sign Pence is laying the groundwork for a 2024 White House bid.

There are many Trump supporters that will not support Pence because of what happened at the end of the Trump administration.

Pence wants to overcome that hesitancy by building relationships with down-ballot Republicans and state party figures in 2022.

And central to his messaging will be the claim that Pence and Trump still maintain a strong relationship.

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