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You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Said About Impeachment

You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Said About Impeachment

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is back in the middle of the political storm.

Obama picks and chooses her sports to attack President Trump.

And you won’t believe what Michelle Obama said about impeachment.

As Blackeye Politics reports:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has always been outspoken, both during her husband’s presidency and after.

But one thing she just said has Democrats shaken.

When speaking on NBC’s The Today Show, she stunned audiences by calling the current impeachment proceedings against sitting President Donald Trump “surreal”.

Via CNN:

“It’s surreal. I don’t think people know what to make of it. But do I think we can come back from it? Oh yeah,” she said in an excerpt of an interview with NBC’s “Today Show” published Monday.

She continued: “We’ve seen tough times in this country. You know we’ve gone through depressions and wars and bombings and terrorist attacks, and we’ve gone through Jim Crow, and we’ve always come out stronger. And that’s what we have to continue to believe because what’s our choice? To ball up in a corner and call it a day? Well that’s not fair to this next generation that’s coming before us that are counting on us to get this right.”

Even Michelle Obama knows that these impeachment proceedings against Trump are wrong and damaging to this country.

Current impeachment proceedings began months ago when a mysterious whistleblower, whose identity is known only to a select few Democrats, brought an accusation forward against President Trump.

The whistleblower’s accusatory statement detailed an alleged private call between President Trump and newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump allegedly attempted a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian President, threatening to withhold US aid to the country unless Zelensky announced an official investigation into former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden is under investigation for his ties to Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, but the investigation has nothing to do with President Trump, Joe Biden, nor the 2020 Presidential election.

But when an official transcript of that call was released, there was nothing in the conversation that even hinted at an attempt at bribery.

Rather, President Trump merely congratulated Zelensky on his election and boasted about the progress this nation has made under the Trump administration.

The corrupt left, led by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, refused to acknowledge the transcript and proceeded to draft articles of impeachment against the President.

But more and more, the American people and even members of the left are waking up to the Democrats’ lies and corruption.

And as Michelle Obama said, the proceedings are truly surreal, but the country can and will come out of this better than before.

This impeachment trial will not only show that President Trump is innocent and has done no wrong, but it will show once and for all the true corruption and schemes of the left.

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