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Michelle Obama Made One Terrible Prediction That Could Lead to Civil Unrest

Michelle Obama Made One Terrible Prediction That Could Lead to Civil Unrest

Michelle Obama
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Democrats cheered rioters that turned American cities into warzones.

But the crisis may be about to go from bad to worse.

Michelle Obama made one terrible prediction that could lead to civil unrest.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Democrats believe stoking racial grievances and inciting violence is how they will win political power.

Michelle Obama preached that message in an interview with “CBS This Morning” hoping to stoke racial fears in their base to inspire turnout next November when control of both houses of Congress is at stake.

Obama used the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial to practice her brand of divisive racial grievance politics.

“We know that while we’re all breathing a sigh of relief over the verdict, there’s still work to be done,” Obama told CBS. “And so we, we can’t sort of say, ‘Great. That happened. Let’s move on.’ I know that people in the Black community don’t feel that way because many of us still live in fear as we go to the grocery store, or worry about our — walking our dogs, or allowing our children to get a license.”

Obama falsely claimed black Americans live in fear of being gunned down by the police just for walking to the grocery store.

“Every time they get in a car by themselves, I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn’t know everything about them — the fact that they are good students and polite girls, but maybe they’re playing their music a little loud. Maybe somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption,” Obama added.

Obama was telling the Big Lie.

And this Big Lie trickled down to the Democrat Party grassroots and fueled the Black Lives Matter riots last summer.

A recent survey showed half of the most very liberal respondents believed police killed 1,000 unarmed black men in 2019.

According to the Washington Post database, the real number was 12.

But Black Lives Matter rioters looted, pillaged and burned cities because influential Democrats like Michelle Obama peddle the Big Lie that police wantonly murder black men for fun and in large numbers.

Obama would not stop selling the Big Lie in her interview, even going so far as to defend the civil unrest and rioting from last summer as justified.

“The innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts.So I think we have to talk about it more,” Obama added. “And we have to ask our fellow citizens to listen a bit more, and to believe us, and to know we don’t wanna be out there marchin’. I mean, all those Black Lives Matter kids, they’d rather not have to worry about this. They’re taking to the streets because they have to. They’re trying to have people understand that we’re real folks, and the fear that many have of so many of us is irrational. And it’s based on a history that is just, it’s sad and it’s dark, and it’s time for us to move beyond that.”

Obama’s warning was clear.

Accept Black Lives Matter’s agenda or face another violent civil uprising.

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